Explanation about Question Tag

Explanation about Question Tag

Question Tag

Explanation about Question Tag

       A Question tag is a short question at the end of statement. It is mainly used in speech when we want to confirm that something is true or not, or to encourage a reply from the person we are speaking to. (Also read : Types of Conditional Sentence)

Form of question tag

Auxiliary + pronoun + ?

There are two main parts of question tag. They are main statement and question tag.

So the form is

Statement, Question Tag


We are students, aren’t we?

We are students = statement

aren’t we = question tag

Pay attention of the following information:

  1. If main statement is positive ( + ), question tag should be negative ( – )


  • She is an artist, isn’t she?
  • They will go home, won’t they?
  1. If main statement is negative ( – ), question tag should be positive ( + )


  • He didn’t play in the yard, did he?
  • We can’t stay here, can we?
If subject in main statement is pronoun, subject in question tag should be the same as subject in main statement. (Also read other article at :

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