Recreation to Madura Island

Recreation to Madura Island

     Recreation to Madura Island. General information about Madura Island

     Madura is the name of the island located in the northeast of East Java. Madura Island is one of the largest island in the province of East Java. Since June 2009, the area known as the producer of salt has been linked with a giant bridge named National Suramadu Bridge (inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono). The island has a letter of motor vehicle itself, the letter is “M“.

     Wide area of Madura is approximately 5250 km2 (smaller than the island of Bali), with a population more than 4 million people.

Madura Island consist of four regencies, namely:





       Each Regency has its own characteristics, particularly languages, such as pronunciation, mention, dialect and intonation look different.

     Ethnic Madurese has big population in Indonesia, numbering around 20 million. They came from Madura Island and the surrounding islands, such as Gili Raja, Sapudi, Raas, and Kangean. In addition, many Madurese living in the eastern part of East Java called Horse Poultice region, from northern Pasuruan to Banyuwangi. Madurese who live in Situbondo and Bondowoso, and eastern Probolinggo, Jember, have the most number and rarely speak Javanese, also including North Surabaya and part of Malang. read more