Asking and Giving Suggestion or Advice

Asking and Giving Suggestion or Advice

Asking and Giving Suggestion

Asking and Giving Suggestion or Advice

       In daily communication, we often suggest or advice someone for doing something. Suggestion is also called advice. Suggestion or advice Expression is the statement for giving suggest or advice to make someone better next time. For example, parents suggest or advice to their child, a friend advises to other friend or to us. It happens while someone has got bad condition or certain occasion. (Also read : The Way to Express Gratitude)

       We should know what expressions are usually used for asking and giving advice or suggestion. Here are some ways to ask and give advice or suggestion someone for doing something and also the ways to accept or reject suggestion.

Asking and giving suggestion

Asking Suggestion or Advice

Giving Suggestion or Advice

Do you have any suggestion for me?

Will you give me some suggestion, please?

Shall I come back later?

Any idea?

Where do you think I can get something nice?

Can you tell me what happened?

Please tell me what should I do?
What would you advise us to do?
Do you have any suggestions?
What do you think I should do?
What do you suggest?
Would you like to…..?
Shall we go….   ?

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You’d better….

You could (might)….

I suggest that you….

I recommend that you

You really should….

I strongly advise you to….

I think you should….
Maybe you should …
Why do not you …

I’d like to suggest that …….
I advise ……….
You should……..
It’s better for you …………..
You must ………
Perhaps you should lie down
It’s best to ….
You need/ought to
Make sure you ….

Accepting and rejecting suggestion

Accepting Suggestion or Advice

Rejecting Suggestion or Advice

That’s a good/nice/wonderful idea.

Yeah, sure.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

Why didn’t I think of that?

I think you’re right.

That’s sounds good.

Sure. I’ll do that.


I don’t think so.

I tried that, but it didn’t work.

Thanks, but that won’t help because….

I don’t want to do that because….

That’s a good idea, but….

I’m afraid I can’t do that.

I think it can’t solve my problem.

Example in dialogue

Dialogue 1

Ramlan : Hi Renny , would you like to do something with me this weekend ?
Renny : Sure . What shall we do ?
Ramlan : I do not know . Do you have any ideas?
Renny: Why do not we see a movie?
Ramlan : That’s sounds good to me . Which movie shall we see?
Renny: Let’s see “Iron Man 4”.
Ramlan: I’d rather not. I do not like violent films. How about going to “Mad Doctor Brown“? I hear it’s quite a funny movie.
Renny: OK. Let’s go see that. When is it on?
Ramlan : It’s on at 8 o’clock at the Rex . Shall we have a bite to eat before the movie?
Renny: Sure, that sounds great. What about going to that new Italian restaurant “Wong Jowo” ?
Ramlan: Great idea ! Let ‘s meet there at six .
Renny: OK . I’ll see you at “Wong Jowo” at six . Bye .
Ramlan : Bye . read more