Jatijajar Cave Kebumen

Jatijajar Cave Kebumen

Jatijajar Cave Kebumen

        Hi my beloved reader, how are today? Well, in this occasion, I will share one of recreation place should be visited when we are having leisure time, especially in holiday. The place I mean is Jatijajar Cave Kebumen. (also read : Recreation to Maharani Cave)

Below is a brief information about Jatijajar Cave Kebumen.

        Jatijajar cave is one of attractive recreation place in Central Java. This cave is a tourist place in the form of a natural cave and it is formed of limestone. It’s length from the entrance up to the exit area is about 250 meters. The average width of this cave is 15 meters and the average height is 12 meters, while the thickness of the ceiling on average is10 meters. This cave is about 50 meters above from sea level.

        Jatijajar Cave is located in Jatijajar village, the sub-district of Ayah, in the region of Kebumen Regency, Central Java Province. The distance of the cave is about 45 km from the city of Kebumen. So we can get the cave from Kebumen regency about an hour.

        It is not difficult to get to Jatijajar cave. Visitors do not need to be confused to get there. Therefore, the location can be easily achieved. Visitors can use private vehicles or public transportation. If visitors want to use public transport, visitors simply ride the public bus from Kebumen to Gombong, and from Gombong station to Jatijajar cave. Jatijajar cave is located about 21 km western of Gombong.  read more

The Beautiful scenery of Gedong Songo Temple

Beatiful scenery of Gedong Songo Temple

       The Beautiful scenery of Gedong Songo Temple. Central Java is very rich of the cultural heritage of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic historical eras. The famous temples of Borobudur, Mendut and Pawon are the cultural heritage of Buddhist, whereas the temple of Prambanan is the cultural heritage of Hindu. They are a few of the numerous cultural influences that spread through the province.

       Other cultural heritage of Hindu are Gedung Songo Temples. Gedong Songo is a complex consists of nine building. These temples are located in Candi village of Ambarawa district in Semarang regency, 25 kilometers from Ungaran or 40 km from the city of Semarang.

       The complex is easily accessible from either Yogyakarta (about 2 hours by car, or 3 hours by bus). The roads are paved and smooth — except for the one linking Ambarawa to the complex, which is steep and rather narrow.

       Near the complex is a traditional market, it is Bandungan market, and on market days the street might become congested, so drivers must be careful. The distance from Bandungan market is still 4 km to the temples. read more

The Scenery of Mount Semeru

The Scenery of Mount Semeru

      The Scenery of Mount Semeru. There many destination place for recreation. They can be beaches, forests, mountains or others. For this occasion, we want to share about a place in one part of mountain.

      As we know there are many mountains in Indonesia as our destination for recreation, and some are still active mountains. One of them is Mount Semeru. It is the highest mountain on the island of Java. The stratovolcano is also known as Mahameru (meaning “The Great Mountain”). The name derived from the Hindu-Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Sumeru, the abode of gods. Since 1818, at least 55 eruptions have been recorded (10 of which resulted in fatalities). The volcano belches out a huge cloud of steam and smoke every 20 minutes or so and sometimes interspersed with ash and stones.

      Mount Semeru is located between the regencies of Malang and Lumajang with geographical position of 8 06′ South Latitude and 12 55′ East Longitude. Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in java. The peak of Mount Semeru is 3,676 m above sea level. There are craters on top of Mount Semeru called “jonggring saloko”. Mahameru is a tourist attraction that is quite challenging for the hikers. Not only challenging, Mount Semeru has beautiful scenery and amazing scenery. read more

Recreation to Sendang Biru Beach

Sendang Biru Beach

       Recreation to Sendang Biru Beach. There are many recreation places in Malang, East Java that we can visit for our refreshing. They are BNS, Ngliyep Beach, Bajul Mati Beach and others. The scenery of the places are very interesting. Insya Allah you will not be bored for coming.

       One of recreation place that I want to share is Sendang Biru Beach. The name of Sendang Biru was originated from Javanese language. In Javanese Language, Sendang Biru means the source of water with blue water. It is not surprising because when you arrive at the beach, you will be welcomed by blue and crystal water.

      Sendang Biru is one of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang Regency. This beach lies at Sumber Agung Village, Sumbermanjing district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The distance of Sendang Biru Beach is about 69 km from Malang City. It is southern of Malang City and takes approximately 2 hours by driving a car. You can ride motorcycle, a car or public transportation. If you want to feel the real adventure, you can take minibus with the direction to Gadang – Turen – Sendang Biru. The access to the beach is adequate. read more

Story of Javanese Letters

Story of Javanese Letters

Story of Javanese Letters
Ajisaka Part 2

Story of Javanese Letters 

      One day when Ajisaka and Dora worked in the rice field, they talked to villagers about the village.

       “It is really a nice village. I liked to live here. The scenery is very interesting, the air is very fresh and, the villagers are so friendly,” Ajisaka said to one of the villagers.  

       “Yes, it is. But, the villagers always feel afraid and worried about the condition of this village. The people are not in peace anymore,” replied the villagers. (Also read : The Legend of Sarangan Lake)

       “Why do they feel afraid?” asked Ajisaka. 

       “Well, the King of Medhang is very cruel,” answered Nyai Sengkeran.

       “Really, what is his name? And what he had done to the villagers so they are so afraid?” asked Ajisaka. 

       “He is King Dewata Cengkar. He always asks for the villager to be his meal. It is very scary. We are always worried to wait when it is our turn to be his meal,” said the villager sadly.  read more

The Legend of Sarangan Lake

The Legend of Sarangan Lake

the legend of sarangan lake

         The Legend of Sarangan Lake

      Hi, my beloved readers. Have you ever gone to Sarangan Lake? Actually the scenery of this lake is very beautiful, but in this occasion I won’t to share about the scenery of Sarangan Lake, but I want to share about the Legend of Sarangan Lake. So, let’s go the story. (Also read : The Legend of Mount Arjuna)

       Once upon a time in a small village near the slope of Mount Lawu, there lived a couple of farmer named Kyai pasir and Nyai pasir. They lived near the forest. Though they live simply, they lived happily.

       One day, Kyai Pasir went to the forest to cut a big tree. Before cutting it, he saw an egg laid closed by the tree. Kyai Pasir then took a look at the egg deeply. “Hey, what’s animal egg is it?” He is surprised. “Ah, I think this is not a chicken’s egg, because is bigger.” Kyai pasir did not want a headache thinking about what an animal’s egg and finally decided to bring it home. Arriving at home, he gave it to Nyai Pasir. Getting it, Nyai Pasir boiled the egg, and then ate it with Kyai Pasir. After having lunch, Kyai pasir went back to the forest to continue his work. read more