The Eyes and Scale of White Dragon

White Dragon

        The Eyes and Scale of White Dragon. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Bali. The kingdom was ruled by a king named Prabu Maha Sila. The king had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Putri Luh Cendrasari. Because of her beauty, she was famous throughout the kingdom and out of it. It made the kings, the crown prince, or the prince fought to get the princess.

        The king was very confused when there were many young boys or men came to his palace. They consisted of king, princes, crown prince, adipati, even people who had supernatural power arrived wanted to propose his daughter to determine his prospective son-in-law, Prabu Maha Sila was very careful about it. This considering when his choice was unfair, for who was not chosen will be disappointed and made the disorder situation. Moreover, possibly the war and bloodshed could happen.

        “My daughter, I won’t let it happen,” Prabu Maha said to his daughter. “Ask to Hyang Maha Agung so that you choose the right man,” said Prabu Maha Sila. read more