YA ALLAH Save me from Fire of Hell

YA ALLAH Save me from Fire of Hell

YA ALLAH Save me from Fire of Hell

All praises are for you Allah, how I hope that you are there.

For sinful though I know I am, your displeasure I cannot bear.

Never, till this moment, did I realize how much I’ve strayed.

Never, till now, was I more conscious of all those times when I should have prayed.

For sins are like heavy baggage, that one carries through Life, the airport.

Why didn’t I realize sooner, that Earth is but a place of sport?

Ya Allah ! Forgive me. Save me from the fire of Hell.

 Forgive me as you did my parents, from Jannah though they fell.

Ya Allah ! Protect me. From myself for my soul is weak.

Let me not falter ever, for Jannah is the abode I seek.

Ya, Allah! Please help me. For I don’t understand and thus, I fear.

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What happened to all those moments when I never doubted that you were near?

My actions once were guided, by my faith which, once, was strong.

Ya Allah! please guide me. What happened, what went wrong?

Each footstep that I used to take, I took with you ever near my side. read more