Recreation to Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake

       Recreation to Sarangan Lake. After working or doing all days in a week, the body needs to be refresh. One way of getting refreshing is having picnic to somewhere that it can be cooling down the frazzle of the body. For doing this we recommend you who stay around East Java or Central Java to go to Sarangan Lake for refreshing destination.

       Sarangan lake is also known as Telaga Sarangan located on the border between East Java, Central Java, exactly in Plaosan district, Magetan regency, East Java. Located about 16 kilometers west of the city Magetan, Sarangan is having 30 acres and and 28 meters depth. With its air temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Sarangan Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu (3265 m) which has a beautiful natural mountain. You can make the Telaga Sarangan as one alternative to your vacation this time. There are many interesting natural attractions that can be enjoyed here. This lake and its surroundings offer a beautiful natural landscape and stunning for you. read more

The Legend of Sarangan Lake

The Legend of Sarangan Lake

the legend of sarangan lake

         The Legend of Sarangan Lake

      Hi, my beloved readers. Have you ever gone to Sarangan Lake? Actually the scenery of this lake is very beautiful, but in this occasion I won’t to share about the scenery of Sarangan Lake, but I want to share about the Legend of Sarangan Lake. So, let’s go the story. (Also read : The Legend of Mount Arjuna)

       Once upon a time in a small village near the slope of Mount Lawu, there lived a couple of farmer named Kyai pasir and Nyai pasir. They lived near the forest. Though they live simply, they lived happily.

       One day, Kyai Pasir went to the forest to cut a big tree. Before cutting it, he saw an egg laid closed by the tree. Kyai Pasir then took a look at the egg deeply. “Hey, what’s animal egg is it?” He is surprised. “Ah, I think this is not a chicken’s egg, because is bigger.” Kyai pasir did not want a headache thinking about what an animal’s egg and finally decided to bring it home. Arriving at home, he gave it to Nyai Pasir. Getting it, Nyai Pasir boiled the egg, and then ate it with Kyai Pasir. After having lunch, Kyai pasir went back to the forest to continue his work. read more