Yes or No Questions

Yes or No Questions

Yes or No Questions

Yes or No Questions

        Talking about question, our mind will focus on two kinds. They are Yes or No Questions and Wh Questions. The topic being discussed in this post are the definition, the rule and the examples of Yes or No Question. For information about Wh-Questions we can read previous Post entitled “Kinds of Question Word”. ( Also read : : The Function of TO DO as Auxiliary or Main Verb))

Topic of Yes or No Questions


        A yes-no question is an interrogative construction that expects an answer of “Yes” or “No”.


Are you a student? Yes, I am.

Do we play tennis? No, we do not.

Can she speak French? No, she can’t.

Will he go abroad? Yes, he will.


“Yes or No Questions” contrasts with Wh-Question that its function is to ask certain types of questions (question word questions). 


Where will he go? He will go to America.

What are you doing? I am studying English.

The Rules

        For understanding the rules of Yes or No Questions we will use statement to construct “Yes or No Questions” read more