The Legend of Roro Mendut

Roro Mendut

       The Legend of Roro Mendut. Long time ago, on the northern coast of Java, exactly on the coast of pati, Central Java, there was a fishermen village. The village’s name was Teluk Cikal. This village was part of Pati Regency reigned by Adipati Pragolo II. Pati was one of regions conquered by Mataram Sultanate reigned by Sultan Agung.

       In Teluk Cikal village, there was a beautiful girl named Roro Mendut. She was very beautiful. And she could straight forward rejected boys or men proposing her, as she had young man whom she loved, Pranacitra, the son of Nyai Singabarong, a rich trader.

       One day, her beauty was heard by Adipati Pragolo II. And he wanted to make her as his concubine. He had asked her to be his concubine over and over again, but Roro Mendut keep rejecting him. He was disappointed and he sent few guards to kidnap her when she was drying fish nearby beach. She tried hard to release from the guards but she failed to escape. They brought Roro Mendut to horse carriage and took her to palace. As future concubine, she should stay inside the palace (pingit = old Javanese tradition for girl over 12 years until her wedding day), and she was accompanied by Ni Semangka and her assistance Genduk Duku). When she was in pingit period, Pati Regency was having an upheaval. Sultan Agung accused Adipati Pragolo II as rebellion as he did not want to send tribute to Mataram. Sultan Agung attacked Pati, and led the assault himself. According to folktale, Sultan Agung could not hurt him as Adipati Pragolo wore armour of kere waja. Seeing this the umbrella holder of Sultan Agung , Ki Nayadarma, asked Sultan Agung to fight with Adipati Pragolo II. Sultan Agung allowed him and gave him Baru Klinting spear. read more