The Legend of Reog Ponorogo

The Legend of Reog Ponorogo

       The Legend of Reog Ponorogo. Long-long time ago in Java, there was a big kingdom. The kingdom’s name was Kediri. The kingdom was ruled by a very old king. He had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Sanggalangit. Her beauty was very famous from her father’s kingdom up to neighboring Kingdoms. There were many kings and prince who wanted to ask for her to be his wife.

       Unfortunately, Dewi Sanggalangit seemed not keen enough to settle down. It inevitably confused her parents. In fact, her parents have been very long time for the presence of a grandchild. “My daughter, when will you stop to reject every man who propose you?” asked the King one day.

       “My Father … actually I am not willing to get married yet. But if you insist me to settle down at the soonest, I’ll do. However, I have request some conditions that must be fulfilled by someone who will be my spouse.

      “Then what are your request should be fulfilled by them, my daughter?”

        “I don’t know …” read more