Advice to Avoid Regret

Advice to Avoid Regret

Advice to Avoid Regret

Too often we neglect our parents’ advice

What we make until our step lapsing 

Too often we are not care

What we do until it is away

 Too often we don’t realize

What we have until it is gone

Too often we wait too late to say

“I’m sorry – I was wrong.”

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Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones

We hold dearest to our hearts

Without using our thinking

And we allow foolish things

To tear our lives apart.

To break our heart

Far too many times we let

Unimportant things into our minds

And then it’s usually too late

To see what made us blind.

So be sure that you let people know

How much they mean to you

Take that time to say the words

Before your time is through.

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Be sure that you appreciate

Everything you have got

And be thankful for the little things

in life that mean a lot.

      That’s all the poem about Advice to Avoid Regret that we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the poem about Advice to Avoid Regret above can teach us in order to think before doing and to receive what other people say. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Puisi Yang Kehilangan Aroma) read more

Expectation of Hope Better than Regret for Action

Expectation of Hope Better than Regret for Action

Expectation of Hope Better than Regret for Action

I have heard it said don’t go to bed

While hanging on to sorrow,

You may not have the chance to laugh

With those you love tomorrow.

You may not have the happen to cry

With those you hated previous day

You may not mean the words you speak

When anger takes its toll,

You may regret your actions

once you have lost your self-control.

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When you have lost your temper

and you have said some hurtful things,

think about the heartache

that your actions sometimes bring.

but you may not lose your hope

because you’ll never get those moments back,

such precious time to waste,

and all because of things you said

in anger and in haste.

It is really out of your control

To think in deep mind.

So if you really love someone

and your pride has settled in,

you may not ever have the chance

to say to them again….

“I love you and I miss you,

and although we don’t agree,

I’ll try to see your point of view,

please do the same for me.”

Remember that you have to step read more