Pray for Great Wish in New Year

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

        Great Wish in New Year we always want in order to be better to face next new year than the year before. It also happens for other people. Below is one of our expression about Pray for Great Wish in New Year in a poem. This is about what we want and hope. (also read : Traveling into New Year)

Let’s read and muse Pray for Great Wish in New Year:

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

“Leave the Past as memory”

Step by step we have done

Positive thing we have done,

But negative thing also we have done

“Leave the Past as lesson”

Everything is gone

Lough and cry have adorned

Sadness and happiness is blown

New expectation has born

 “Happy, Happy New Year,

We wish you all the best,

Great work to reach your fondest goals,

And when you’re done, sweet rest,

We hope for your fulfillment,

Contentment, peace and more,

A brighter, better new year than,

You’ve ever had before.”

“Happy New Year to you,

May every great new day,

Bring you sweet surprises—-,

A happiness buffet,

Happy New Year to you,

And when the new year’s done,

May the next year be even better, read more

Traveling into New Year

Traveling into New Year

Traveling into New Year

        About two weeks later we will face a new year and this year will be left to step our life in to next year. Let us do introspection about what we have done. Let us to plan do better. For introspection, below we will share a poem about Traveling into New Year in order to be used as our reflection. (also read : Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life)

Below is a poem about Traveling into New Year.

Traveling into New Year

God built and launched this year for us,

Upon the road we step,

Upon the bridge we stand;

It’s our home, our own home,

It’s our vehicle, our own vehicle,

It’s your ship, aye, your own ship,

And we are in command.

Just what the twelve months’ trip will do

Rests wholly, solely, friend, family with us.

Our logbook kept from day to day

My friend, what will it show?

Have you on your appointed way?

Made progress, yes or no?

The log will tell, like guiding star,

The license will say, like luminosity sun,

The sort of captain that you are.

The sort of driver that you are

For weal or woe this year is yours;

Your ship is on life’s sea

Your vehicle is on life’s land read more

Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

Reflection in New Life

When my eyes opened in the dark morning,

They showed me the greatness of God creatures;

And what I should do after lying on my bed?

What would be some of the secrets of success in my life?

I found the answers right there inside my room.

My bed said: wake up please.

Pillow said; move me out from the head

As I woke and slide my hand

The Blanket said; Fold me please

Hurriedly I folded the blanket

Fan said; be cool and

Roof said; be high aim

I turn off the fan and look at the roof

Then I peep through the window

Window said; See the World

Wall Clock said; every minute is precious

So I looked at my calendar

Calendar said; be up to Date

I hurried to go to the bathroom

The bath door said; Push hard for your Goals

After bathing I looked at my mirror

The Mirror said; Reflect before you Act

When I watch my body

My body said; bring me better

Directly I thought of my soul

My soul said; don’t let me get more Sins

So my visitor, how do you reflect before acting in your new live?

 How do you begin your day? read more