Recreation to Red Island Beach

Red Island Beach

       Recreation to Red Island Beach. Do you want to enjoy in your leisure time? One alternative of it is going for recreation. You can take recreation to mountain, around the city, beach or others because there are a lot of recreation places in Indonesia that we can go for destination. And some of them are in East Java. In this occasion, I want to give information about one beach in Banyuwangi. It is Red Island Beach.

       Red Island beach is one of the well-known tourist destination beach in Banyuwangi. This beach is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, Banyuwangi regency. Red Island Beach is located southern of Banyuwangi. It is about 60 kilometers from the city of Banyuwangi. To reach this beautiful beach, we can drive our car about 2.5 hours from the city.

       This beach gets its name from the red color of its soil. In the south part of the island we can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening. About 50 meters in west of the port, there’s a big total-fresh fish auction. read more