Advantage and Disadvantage of Dictation

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dictation

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dictation

Advantage and Disadvantage of Dictation

      There are four skills to be expected when we learn English as our second language in Indonesia, they are listening skill, speaking, skill, reading skill and writing skill. To get that four skills, in the old technique is by using Dictation technique. For this, in this occasion we want to share the Advantage and Disadvantage of Dictation. (Also read : Lembar Kerja Siswa Kelas 7 tentang Introducing Oneself)

Disadvantages of Dictation

      As we know that dictation is one of the old techniques in language teaching learning activities. However, this technique has been recently neglected by the teachers. The reason is many experts claim that it is “too teacher centered, uncommunicative, boring and old fashioned”.

They think that dictations are:

  1. It might cause high effective filter especially for ‘frightened’ and ‘insecure’ learners.
  2. It does not require any talent or information on teacher.
  3. It is only the aural skills that are developed in dictations.
  4. It is uncommunicative, boring and old fashioned. (Also read other article at : Loving Mother Forever)

Advantages of Dictation

      The reason mentioned above maybe right, but Dictation actually has numerous advantages. The most common advantages of dictation are help students to diagnose and correct grammatical mistakes. Others advantages of dictation are: read more

Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

Conversation about Weather

        After discussing about some words related to the weather, now we will continue our discussion about the weather. In this case we will talk about example of conversation about weather. However, before giving example of Conversation about Weather, it is better we are giving some phrases that we might hear people saying about the weather. (also read : Common Words Describe Weather)

Below is the material of Conversation about Weather

Some phrases sometimes people use in Conversation about Weather:

Lovely day!

It’s turned out nice again.

Terrible weather, isn’t it?

Isn’t this weather miserable?

Isn’t it cold today?

I hear it’ll clear up later.

It’s looking nice out today.

And below some examples of Conversation about Weather

Conversation about good weather

Linda: Don’t you think it’s really nice outside today?

Randy: Yes, I think it is really nice day. The weather is perfect.

Linda: But I want it is going to rain.

Randy: I hope so. I hope the rain will drop soon.

Linda: I love it. The sky looks so clean after it rains. I especially love the night air after the rains. read more

Function Causative Verbs

Function Causative Verbs

Function Causative Verbs

        After discussing about Causative Verbs Have and Get in previous post, in this occasion we will continue our discussing about causative verbs, it is about Function Causative Verbs. As we know that Causative Verbs are used to talk about having something done by someone else (third person) or we want something to be done by somebody else.

        Although we have studied about causative verbs Have and Get, however, actually there are other verbs as causative, they are Let, Make and Help. So, here are we discussing all of causative verbs. They are causative verbs: Let, Make, Have, Get, Help. In this case we are discussing about How We Use Causative Verbs. Here we discuss about the use and the pattern of every verb in causative.

The topics about Function Causative Verbs

        Here are some verbs of causative and how causative verbs work in English sentences.


The Pattern

Let + Person/Thing + Verb1 (base verb)


We don’t let our kids watch violent movies.

Nancy’s father won’t let her adopt a puppy because he’s allergic to dogs. read more

The Legend of Surabaya

The Legend of Surabaya

        The Legend of Surabaya. Hi my beloved visitor! Have you read The Legend of Banyuwangi? If you have done it, let’s continue reading The Legend of Surabaya.

        Surabaya is one of the most crowded in Indonesia after Jakarta has a legend that should be known. The legend is as follows.

       A long time ago in the sea of East Java there were two strong animals. They were Sura (the Javanese of a shark) and Baya (the Javanese of a crocodile).

       They were actually friends. However, when they were hungry, they were very greedy. They did not want to share their food. They would fight just because of scrambling for prey. Both of them were strong, skillful, clever, ferocious, and gluttonous. They had fought many times and never stop fighting until one of them gave up.

       Once upon a time it was a very hot day. Sura and Baya were looking for some food. Suddenly on the way Baya saw a goat. He was very happy.

       “Yummy, this is my lunch,” said Baya. read more

The Function of Imperative Sentence

The Function of Imperative Sentence

The Function of Imperative

The Function of Imperative Sentence

       How are you going my beloved visitors? Are you fine? As we know that English consists of four skills. They are listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, we also need other skills to support those skills. (Also read : FUNCTION OF PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE)
     In this occasion, I will share about one supported skill, i.e: The Imperative Sentence.
   There are some functions of imperative sentence in English, such as:
1. As an order,
2. As a warning,
3. As an appeal,
4. As an advice,
5. As a suggestion,
6. As an instruction
7. And in some cases as a request to another person, to a group of people or to animals.

       It is very easy to form the imperative sentence: Simply take the verbs’ infinitive form (without the “to” infinitive indicator). Usually the verb will be placed at the beginning of the sentence. (Also read other article at : Wise Words from Reader)

V + C + !

       The examples below are used if a person gives an order to another person or to a group of people.
For example:
Come to my house!
Keep silent!
Clean your face! read more

Abunawas the Judge Message

Abunawas the Judge Message

The Judge Message
Part 2

Abunawas the Judge Message

      After reading the first part of Abunawas entitled “Abunawas and the Gate – Guardian, the readers can continue reading the next part of Abunawas entitled “Abunawas the Judge Message” in which this story tells about the reason of Abunawas why he did not want to be promoted as a caddy.

For the complete story, let’s go reading Abunawas the Judge Message.

      Abunawas said, “My lord, I was tired, was willing to rest, was suddenly required to be present at this place, even though I was no guilt. For this, I ask for compensation. I have allotted time off because I’ve fulfilled my lord calls. And tomorrow I have to find a living for my family. “

      Sultan Harun Al Rasyid was surprised by the protests of Abunawas , but suddenly he burst out laughing and said, “Hahahaha … do not worry Abunawas .”

      His Majesty then ordered the royal treasurer to give a bag of silver money to Abunawas. Abunawas went home happily. But arriving at the house, Abunawas was still acting weird and eccentric even more like a real madman. (Also read : Malin Kundang the Prodigal Son) read more