Read Quran as our Daily Life

Read Quran as our Daily Life

Read Quran as our Daily Life

      Here we would like to share a poem about the miracle of Quran. We give our poem entitled ” Read Quran as our daily life”. This poem can be used as our inspiration and introspection about how important of reading Quran. (also read : Pray to Communicate with God)

Below is the poem.

  Read Quran as our Daily Life

To all our brothers and sisters, to increase our iman

Why don’t we read Quran?

This is one way to increase our iman.

Read the miracle, read the Quran

Here’s a fact for the ones who are keener

There are 92 Surahs revealed in Mecca, 22 in Medina

Read it every day and to read it be proud

The word Quran means to read it aloud

Understand its meaning and use it as our daily life.

Read Quran as our daily life

Read the book from the Lord of the worlds

Over 6,000 verses and 77,000 words

Read with respect, no disturbance, no laughter’s

from Al Fatihah to An Naas, all 114 chapters

And in it 14 times you need to prostrate

And say Allahu Akbar, meaning Allah is great

In this book, 25 prophets are mentioned by name

Who came at different times but their message was the same read more

Teaching a Bull to Read

Teaching a Bull to Read

Teaching a Bull to Read

Teaching a Bull to Read

        Because of Abunawas’ wits, king Harun often trapped him by giving impossible task. One of the impossible task was Teaching a Bull to Read. He wanted to know whether Abunawas was still really smart by asking him for teaching a bull. (also read : Abunawas and Six Speaking Donkeys)

        So one day, King Harun ordered some of his guards to go to Abunawas’ house for asking him to go to the palace. After arriving at Abunawas’ house, they directly meet him.

        “Abu, you have to go to the palace right now because the king calls you.,” said one of the guard to Abunawas.

        Abunawas could not reject the king’s call so he followed the guards to the palace. When they got in front of the king’s room, other guards accompanied him to see the king in the room. After sitting there for a while he asked, “Excuse me Your Majesty, what should I do for you?”

        “I want for your help, Abu. Everybody knows that you are a very smart man. Therefore, I think you can help me to teach my bull to read. If you can help me, I will give you reward. However, you cannot, I’ll punish you!”   read more