Speech Text of Student Farewell Party

Speech Text of Student Farewell Party

Speech Text of Student Farewell Party

Speech Text of Student Farewell Party

       Below is the speech text of student’s farewell Party (Naskah Pidato Perpisahan) on Purna Widya Program of SMPN 1 Tarik 2019. This speech is spoken by Intan Nuraini from IX-A. She is one of my clever students in English. She is also confident in speaking so I appoint her to represent the students of grade XI in giving impression and message on Purna Widya (farewell) Program. The Speech Text is as below. (Also read : Talking About Weather)

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

Respectable :

  1. Chief of Tarik District (…………………………………………………)
  2. Chief of Police Department of Tarik District (……………………….……………….)
  3. Chief of UPTD  Tarik District (………………………………)
  4. Principle of SMPN 1 Tarik (Mr. suharsono S.Pd M.Pd)

Honorable :

  1. Our teachers and administration staffs of SMPN 1 Tarik
  2. The Parents of grade IX
  3. All my friends, especially the students of grade IX

first of all lets give thanks to Allah SWT the greatest and the mercifull for his blessing we could gather in unforgetable moment PURNAWIDYA Junior high school of tarik., sholawat and salam maybe pour down upon our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness of stupidity to the light of knowledge.

Dear my teacher,

Today, I’m standing here on the behalf of all the graduates.

 First, we would like to say thank you very much for all the teachers of SMP NEGERI 1 Tarik who have taught, and educated u,s so that we can pass the National Examination successfully. My teachers,….. we realize that we cannot give reward. We can only give you gratitude and pray. May God repay your kindness and bless you all with such as everlasting happiness. (Also read other article at : Promise to be Pride of Father) read more

Keep Looking Rainbow

Keep Looking Rainbow

Keep Looking Rainbow

Keep Looking Rainbow


I like to see you

Although you make me feel ashamed

Cause you remind the memory of the past

Someone who used to hug me

I am an admirer of your color

You dance in the sky

I enjoy the flavors you bring

Giving god as consolation

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You arise after the sky drizzles

Drizzling in your charms

As if the world stopped

So I can enjoy your colors

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You come when it rains

To complement the existing loneliness

And you leave when the rain stops

To accompany his loneliness

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Why you just perfect for a while?

While I want to keep looking

Is there a little time?

To feel the joy for a moment?

      That’s all the poem about Keep Looking Rainbow that we can share to all our beloved readers. We hope that the poem about Keep Looking for Rainbow above can be used as our reflection. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Seharusnya Setan Tidak Boleh Tahu) read more

Conversation at the Bus Station

Conversation at the Bus Station

Conversation at the Bus Station

      When we go somewhere by bus, usually we get in or get out via bus station. Meanwhile sometimes we need to talk to someone there for having communication. For this, in this occasion we want to share about an example of Conversation at the Bus Station. 

Below is the example of Conversation at the Bus Station:

STEVANIE: “Has Bus 47 come yet?”

ROBBY: “No. I think it is late today.”

STEVANIE: “Do you ride this bus every day?”

ROBBY: “Yes, I do. What about you?” (Also read : Conversation at the Bank)

STEVANIE: “Not every day. Only a couple of times a week.”

ROBBY: “Well, I think the bus is late today because of the rain.”

STEVANIE: “Oh. Does the weather make a difference?”

ROBBY: “Yes. The bus is usually several minutes late when it rains.”

STEVANIE: “Is it because of bad traffic?”

ROBBY: “Yes and probably because of car accidents.”

STEVANIE: “That makes sense. I must have picked the wrong day to ride the bus.”

ROBBY: “Actually, I think riding the bus on rainy days is better.” read more