Smile on Whatever Happen

Smile on Whatever Happen

Smile on Whatever Happen

You can shed your tears because she is gone,

Or you can smile that she lived,

You can close your eyes and pray so that she will come back,

Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left.

You can think in your mind about what she has done

Or you can ignore the experience about her kindness.

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Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her,

or you can be full of the love that you shared,

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live as your lived yesterday,

or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember her and only that she is gone,

or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn back,

or you can do what she would want:

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Move on, never give up.

Open your eyes, love and go on.

Smile on Whatever Happen

      That’s all the poem about Smile on Whatever Happen we can share in this occasion. Hopefully the poem above can inspire your mind in facing the struggle of life in this world. (Also read other read other article in Indonesian article at : Cara Membuat Naskah atau Teks Pidato yang Baik) read more

Guide Us to Face New Year

Guide Us to Face New Year

Guide Us to Face New Year

        Tomorrow we will face new year. Let us remember that whatever we have done in the previous days have been written by Allah. Good or bad things are depended on what we have passed. Now, let’s pray to Allah to Guide Us to Face New Year.

        In this occasion we would like to share a poem about Guide Us to Face New Year that can be used as our reference to do reflection to leave the year we have been leaving and to start doing everything better for days in next year. (also read : Pray for Great Wish in New Year)

Below is the poem about Guide Us to Face New Year:

Guide Us to Face New Year

A new year is unfolding

Like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within.

Like the sun with its gleam shines brightly around the earth.

Like the moon with its white beam on the light blue sky.

In soft glistening night of stars,

Hope all your aspirations come true.

May every star present in the sky,

Bring love and mirth to you.

My Lord, let this year be filled with the things that are truly good

With the comfort of warmth in our relationships, read more

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

        Great Wish in New Year we always want in order to be better to face next new year than the year before. It also happens for other people. Below is one of our expression about Pray for Great Wish in New Year in a poem. This is about what we want and hope. (also read : Traveling into New Year)

Let’s read and muse Pray for Great Wish in New Year:

Pray for Great Wish in New Year

“Leave the Past as memory”

Step by step we have done

Positive thing we have done,

But negative thing also we have done

“Leave the Past as lesson”

Everything is gone

Lough and cry have adorned

Sadness and happiness is blown

New expectation has born

 “Happy, Happy New Year,

We wish you all the best,

Great work to reach your fondest goals,

And when you’re done, sweet rest,

We hope for your fulfillment,

Contentment, peace and more,

A brighter, better new year than,

You’ve ever had before.”

“Happy New Year to you,

May every great new day,

Bring you sweet surprises—-,

A happiness buffet,

Happy New Year to you,

And when the new year’s done,

May the next year be even better, read more

Pray to Communicate with God

Pray to Communicate with God

Pray to Communicate with God

        It is an instinct of human to be inclined to adore the great beings, and to aspire to lofty goals.  The greatest being and the loftiest goal of all is God. The best way to cultivate in human a sound personality and actualize his aspirations in a mature course of development is the prayer. To neglect prayer is to oppress the good qualities in human nature and unjustifiably deny it the right to adore and love, the right to aspire and ascend, and the right to excel in goodness and achieve noble aims. Such oppression and denial constitute a very serious and destructive offense. (also read : FOLLOW MUHAMMAD SAW WORSHIP ALLAH WITH DEVOTION)

        In this occasion I will share a poem entitled ”Pray to Communicate with God”. It is about an appeal for help of human being to the only God (Allah) when they are in problem. However, actually we should pray whenever and wherever we are.

Below is the poem about Pray to Communicate with God:

Pray to Communicate with God

When I wither in times of drought

And my roots become weak,

When my petals wander and blow

From even the slightest breeze read more