Expression of Asking and Giving Opinion

Asking and Giving Opinion

        Expression of Asking and Giving Opinion. Our opinion about something is what we think or believe about it. In communication sometime we need someone’s opinion to overcome our problems since we feel difficult to solve.

    Below are some expressions we can use to ask someone’s opinion and give our opinion to someone else. We will need to use these expressions in a discussion activity. For the information about Expression of Asking and Giving Opinion, let’s discuss about it.

Asking for Opinion

What do you think?

What’s your opinion?

What are your ideas?

Do you have any thoughts on that?

How do you feel about that?

Do you agree?

Have you got any comments on …..

Do you have any idea?

Do you have any opinion on ……

Would you give me your opinion on……….?

What is your reaction to ……

What is your opinion about……….?

What are you feeling about………….?

What are your views on……….?

Please give me your opinion ….

What do you think about … (this)?

Do you think that’s right? read more

How to be Confident in Speaking English

How to be Confident in Speaking English

How to Be Confident in Speaking

How to be Confident in Speaking English

       Speaking is one way in improving someone’s English skill, but sometimes, if it can’t be said most of us, we find feeling ashamed to express our idea by speaking, especially for those who start studying English. For Indonesian, especially Javanese people tend to worry too much about other’s opinion. That’s what? For example, makes students keep their mouth shut, although their teacher always encourages to speak up. The students are afraid others would find that their English is bad; that their pronunciation is not really good; that their grammar is so awful, and so on, and so on. And in the way around, they are also afraid to be called arrogant or just showing off when they speak too much in the classroom. (Also read : Expressing and Responding Sympathy)
       Here are suggestions from me to someone who start trying to speak English in order to be able to overcome the feeling of ashamed in speaking so that you do not feel embarrassed and self-confidence arises when you want to speak English: read more