Love is Coming Secretly

Love is Coming Secretly

Love is Coming Secretly

Love is Coming Secretly

Grow quietly as rosebuds

Talk smoothly to the thin air,

So love came so lightly

I knew that she was not there.

Come quietly as lovers

Creep hide at the middle moon

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Put sound softly as player’s tremble

Tell in the tears of a tune;

Bend down face quietly as lilies

Their faint vows declare

Came the shy pilgrim:

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I knew that she was not there.

Sob quietly as tears fall

Think on a wild sin,

Whisper softly as griefs call

Touch in a violin;

Without hail or tempest,

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Nor blue sword or flame,

Love came so lightly

I didn’t know that she came.

      That’s all the poem about Love is Coming Secretly that we can share to all our beloved readers. We hope that the poem above can be used as our refresh and imagination of understanding of love. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Definisi dan Contoh Common Noun) read more

The Legend of Batara Kala

The Legend of Batara Kala

       The Legend of Batara Kala. This is one of the legend that is commonly told in Java. It is actually just a myth that People especially from some villages in Java believe that an eclipse happens when the sun or the moon is swallowed by Batara Kala, an evil giant. The story says that although Batara Kala is not one of the gods in heaven, but he is very powerful. And how is the story of the sun or the moon swallowed by Batara Kala? The following text is the story.

        Once upon a time there was an evil giant. He was called Batara Kala. He was not one of the gods in heaven, but he was very powerful. He liked to kill people, especially children as his food. The children who were able to be his food were the single child, five pandawa (they all were sons or they all were daughters) and Genthono-genthini (two children who were a son and a daughter, the daughter would be eaten). Batara Kala’s hair was made form fire. Everybody was frightened of him.

       One day, the chief of gods, Batara Guru, invited all the gods and goddesses to the paradise. He invited them to distribute “Tirta Amerta Sari”, the sacred water from paradise. Anyone who drank the water would live forever since they would never die. read more

Moon away by Dark Night

Moon Away by Dark Night

Moon away by Dark Night

I am, standing in the end of the day

Staring at the sun that has gone away

And a smile upon someone face,

Make me never wanna leave this place

Sitting behind the dark of the night

Thinking about love has gone for flight

Make me hardly try body for being slept

Even less gotta the soul for being kept

There you are, hardly I can see cause you just so far

I see your eyes blinking, are you a star?

But I remember you said you’re a moon

So I should have seen you soon

And here we are now,

You come to me somehow

You are getting closer and closer,

But why I feel like a stranger?