Meaning of Functional Text About Announcement

Meaning of Functional Text About Announcement

Meaning of Functional Text About Announcement

Meaning of Functional Text About Announcement

       Once again, we want to share about Functional text. In this case, we want to share about the Meaning of Announcement Text. Although the title is as mentioned above, in this post we share the material in the form of Video, so we can study everything about Announcement in video format. In this video, we can study the definition, purpose, generic structure, language feature, kinds, and the example of Announcement. (Also watch another video at : How to Change Wallpaper Keyboard on Android)

This is the video of Functional Text About Announcement :

(Also watch another video at : Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Online tentang Procedure Text)

Meaning and Kind of Cloud

Meaning and Kind of Cloud

Meaning and Kind of Cloud

Meaning and Kind of Cloud

       We are sure that everyone knows what cloud is. Almost every day we can look it on the sky, especially when there is going to rain. When we lie on the floor or on the grass and look up the sky, there are clouds. There are different shapes in the clouds we see. One cloud might look like the body of human. Another side might look like an animal. Sometimes they are moving across the sky. Or another time they look like in motionless. (Also read : Report Text About Dolphin)

       Then, what is a cloud (Clouds)? To answer this question, in this occasion we want to share about the Meaning and Kind of Cloud.

The Meaning of Cloud

       A cloud is water vapour in the atmosphere (sky) that has condensed into very small water droplets or ice crystals that appear in visible shapes or formations above the ground. Water on the Earth evaporates (turns into an invisible gas) and rises up into the sky.

The other meaning of Cloud (Clouds)

       Clouds are made of small drops of water or tiny pieces of ice. The water and ice in clouds come from Earth’s surface, especially from lakes, rivers, and oceans. Water on the surface evaporates. It changes into a gas called water vapor. Water vapor goes up into the air. read more

Understanding Meaning of Taqwa

Understanding Meaning of Taqwa

Understanding Meaning of Taqwa

Understanding Meaning of Taqwa

       It is very important for us to understand what the meaning of Taqwa is, so we can implement “Taqwa” in our daily life. It is no matter who we are, where we are and when we are.

Remember that …

Taqwa is not only about manners..

Taqwa is not about looking Islamic…

Taqwa is not about sporting a beard or wearing a Hijab…

Taqwa is not about appearance

(Also read : Everyday Wise Motivation Words)


Taqwa is when you miss a prayer, you feel uneasy the whole day…

Taqwa is when you speak a lie, you feel bad…

Taqwa is the guilt that follows when you hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly…

Taqwa is the shame and regret that follows a sin you committed knowing full well how it stands in the sight of Allah…

Taqwa is when you cannot sleep after disobeying or disrespecting your parents…

Taqwa is to cry in the depths of night fearing none but the one above the Arsh…

Taqwa is the fear that refrains us from sinning when nobody familiar is around… read more

Meaning and Example of Common Noun

Meaning and Example of Common Noun

Meaning and Example of Common Noun

Meaning and Example of Common Noun

       In our daily life, it is no doubt that we always talk about noun every day, whether they are noun about names of people, places, things or others. For this we want to share about Meaning and Examples of Common Noun. In this material we will discuss about the Meaning of Common and its examples. (Also read : Definition and Example Collective Noun)

The Meaning of Common Nouns

       As we know that a noun is a part of speech that identifies a person, place, thing, or idea. It means that all nouns serve to name a person, place, or thing.

       After getting the information about the meaning of noun, we now should know about the meaning of Common Noun.

       A common noun is a non-specific person, place, or thing.

       A common noun is used to name general things, places, ideas, events, or people. They are words that refer to things in general terms, and not in specific terms. People are also named through common nouns. Even their official names or titles, such as teacher, preacher, clerk, police officer, delivery driver, grandma, and cousin are common nouns. For example, in the sentence,  “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” (Also read other article at : Rain Brings Thousand Memories) read more

Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning

Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning

Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning

Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning

      Vocabulary is an important element in mastering English. Yes, of course, if you want to be able to speak English, you have to know all the vocabulary you want to use. For this, in this occasion we will discuss about Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning, they are including relatives and words related to family. By memorizing all of Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning, you will learn more English vocabulary. Come on, straight away, here is a family vocabulary list of family members’ language vocabulary in English, and terms that you often hear in your family and relatives, also their meaning in Indonesian. (Also read : Javanese People inventor of Letters Beginning E)

Below are Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning :

  • Adoption = Adopsi
  • adoptive father = Ayah dari adopsi
  • adoptive mother = Ibu dari adopsi
  • Adult = dewasa
  • ancestor = nenek moyang, leluhur
  • Aunt = Bibi
  • bachelor = perjaka
  • birth mother = ibu kandung
  • blood relative = kerabat sedarah
  • bride = pengantin pr
  • bridegroom = pengantin lk
  • Brother = Saudara lk
  • brotherhood = persaudaraan
  • brother-in-law = Saudara ipar lk
  • brotherly = (bersifat) persaudaraan
  • care-giver = orang yang mengurus anggota keluarga
  • child = anak
  • childhood = masa anak-anak
  • children (jamak dari child) = anak-anak
  • clan = klan (keluarga besar)
  • close-knit = hubungan erat
  • connection = koneksi, hubungan
  • Cousin = Sepupu
  • dad = Ayah
  • daddy = ayah
  • Daughter = Anak perempuan
  • Daughter-in-law = Menantu pr
  • descendant = keturunan, anak-cucu
  • divorce = perceraian
  • engaged = bertunangan
  • engagement = tunangan
  • estranged = diasingkan
  • ex- = mantan, bekas
  • ex-husband = mantan suami
  • extended family = keluarga besar
  • ex-wife = mantan istri
  • family tree = pohon keluarga
  • Father = Ayah
  • Fiancé = tunangan (laki-laki)
  • Fiancée = tunangan (perempuan)
  • flesh and blood = darah daging
  • folks = sanak saudara
  • foster child = anak angkat
  • foster father = ayah angkat
  • foster mother = ibu angkat
  • foster parent = orang tua angkat
  • fraternal = persaudaraan
  • fraternal twin = saudara kembar
  • friend = teman
  • genealogy = silsilah keturunan
  • gramps = kakek (lebih informal)
  • Granddaughter = Cucu pr
  • Grandfather = Kakek
  • grandma = nenek
  • Grandmother = Nenek
  • grandpa = kakek
  • Grandparents = Kakek-nenek
  • Grandson = Cucu lk
  • granny = nenek
  • great-aunt = bibi dari orang tua
  • great-granddaughter = cicit pr (anak dari cucu)
  • great-grandfather = buyut lk
  • great-grandmother = buyut pr
  • great-grandparent = buyut
  • great-grandson = cicit lk (anak dari cucu)
  • great-uncle = paman dari orang tua
  • groom = mempelai lk
  • grownup = dewasa
  • half-brother
  • half-sister
  • heir = ahli waris
  • heiress = ahli waris pr.
  • Helpmate = pembantu (suami istri)
  • Hereditary = turun-temurun
  • Heritage = warisan
  • History = sejarah
  • Home = rumah (Also read other article at : I Miss My Childhood)
  • Household = rumah tangga
  • Husband = Suami
  • identical twin = kembar identik
  • infancy = masa bayi
  • infant = bayi baru lahir
  • inherit = mewarisi, ahli waris
  • inheritance = warisan
  • juvenile = anak muda, remaja
  • kin = kerabat, sanak famili
  • kindred = keluarga
  • kinfolk = kerabat
  • kinship = kekerabatan
  • kith = kenalan-kenalan, handai taulan, sanak keluarga
  • lineage = garis silsilah keluarga
  • love = cinta, kasih sayang
  • loyalty = kesetiaan
  • maiden name = nama gadis
  • mama = ibu
  • marriage = pernikahan
  • mate = kawan, kerabat, pasangan, dsb.
  • Maternal = keibuan, berhubungan dengan ibu
  • Matriarch = ibu sebagai pemimpin keluarga
  • Matrimony = ikatan suci pernikahan
  • Minor = orang yang belum dewasa
  • Miss = nona
  • Mom = Ibu
  • Mommy = Ibu
  • Monogamy = pernikahan tunggal (beristri satu)
  • Mother = Ibu
  • Mother = ibu
  • = Tuan
  • = Nyonya
  • = Nona
  • Natal = Kelahiran
  • Nephew = Keponakan lk
  • Newlywed = Pasangan baru menikah
  • Niece = Keponakan pr
  • nuclear family = keluarga inti
  • nuptial = berhubungan dengan pernikahan
  • nurture = pengasuhan
  • offspring = keturunan
  • orphan = yatim-piatu
  • papa = Ayah
  • Parent = Orang tua
  • Parent-in-law = Mertua
  • partner = Rekan
  • paternal = berhubungan dengan Ayah
  • patriarch = ayah sebagai kepala keluarga
  • pop = Ayah (panggilan)
  • posterity = anak-cucu
  • progenitor = nenek moyang
  • progeny = anak-cucu, keturunan
  • quadruplets = kembar empat
  • quints = kembar lima
  • quintuplets = kembar lima
  • related = berhubunagan erat
  • relations = relasi, hubungan
  • relative = sanak kerabat
  • second cousin = sepupu kedua
  • senior = senior (Also read other article at : Soal tentang Present Continuous Tense)
  • separation = perceraian
  • sibling = saudara kandung
  • single =lajang
  • Sister = Saudara pr
  • sisterhood = persaudaraan
  • sisterly = (bersifat) persaudaraan
  • Son = Anak laki-laki
  • Son-in-law = Menantu lk
  • spouse = pasangan (suami atau istri)
  • Step child = Anak tiri
  • stepbrother = saudara tiri lk.
  • stepdad = Ayah tiri
  • Stepdaughter = Anak tiri pr
  • stepdaughter = anak tiri pr.
  • Stepfather = Ayah tiri
  • Stepmom = ibu tiri
  • Stepmother = ibu tiri
  • Stepsister = saudara perempuan
  • Stepson = Anak tiri lk
  • Stepson = anak tiri lk.
  • surrogate mother = wali pr.
  • Tribe = suku
  • Triplets = kembar tiga
  • Trust = kepercayaan
  • Trustworthy = dapat dipercaya
  • twin brother = saudara kembar lk.
  • twin sister = saudara kembar pr.
  • Twins = saudara kembar
  • Uncle = Paman
  • virgin = perawan
  • Wedding = pernikahan
  • Wedlock = ikatan pernikahan
  • widow = janda
  • widower = duda
  • Wife = Istri
  • Wife = istri
  • Youth = kaum muda

      That’s all our article about Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning and their Family Relationship we can post for this occasion. Hopefully the post about Family Members and Their Indonesian Meaning above can help us to improve our English understanding, especially for improving our vocabulary. (Also read other article at : Bapak Nesu mergo sego pecel) read more

Meaning of Friends in Our Mind

Meaning of Friends in Our Mind

Meaning of Friends in Our Mind

Friends are sweet words easy to say

Friends are sweet things easy to buy

But Friends are sweet people difficult to find.

Friends are Life ends when you stop dreaming

Friends are hope ends when you stop believing

(Also read : Meet Allah in the Judgement Day)

Friends are love ends when you stop caring

Friends are friendship ends when you stop sharing.

Friends are to love without condition

Friends are to talk without intention

Friends are to give without reason

(Also read other poem at : Admire Mother for Her Love)

And Friends are to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend.

And hopefully I am one of your true friends

Because you are mine

Because You are my Friends.

      That’s all the poem about Meaning of Friends in Our Mind we can share for this occasion. We hope the poem about Meaning of Friends in Our Mind above can be as an inspiration getting friends. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Mencari Senja Menyongsong Mimpi)

The Meaning of Family Member

The Meaning of Family Member

The Meaning of Family Member

The Meaning of Family Member

        There are some members in one family. It can be a nuclear family and big family. A nuclear family usually consists of a father, a mother and son or/and daughter. However, here we will discuss about a big family and we should know The Meaning of Family Member to differ them. (also read : Names of Room and Place at School)

Below are the members and The Meaning of Family Member:

father is somebody’s male parent

mother is somebody’s female parent

parents are somebody’s father and mother

son is somebody’s male child

daughter is somebody’s female child

husband is the man who a woman is married to

wife is the woman who a man is married to (Also read other article at : Teacher Unmentioned Hero)

spouse is somebody married to another person; husband or wife

brother is a boy or man who has the same parents as another person

sister is a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person

sibling is a brother or sister

elder brother/sister is a brother/sister who is older than you

younger brother/sister is brother/sister who is younger than you read more

Information about Adverb of Time

Information about Adverb of Time

Information about Adverb of Time

        One again the material of grammar we want to share to our readers. This is Information about Adverb of Time.  In this case we will discuss about meaning, function, position of adverb of time and some words related to adverb of time. (also read : Adverb of Place)

Below is the material of Information about Adverb of Time:

The Meaning of Adverb of Time

        Adverb of time is adverb that changes or qualifies the meaning of a sentence by telling us when things happen are defined as adverbs of time.

The Function of Adverb of Time

        The function of Adverb of time is not only for telling us when an action happened, but also telling for how long, and how often an action happened.

Adverbs of time mainly modify verbs and tell us when something happens.


  • Robinson got accident last week. (when)
  • She cried because of her husband death all day. (how long)
  • We go to our grandmother’s house monthly. (how often)

The Position of Adverb of Time

Tell us WHEN

Adverbs that tell us when are usually placed at the end of the sentence.


  • My uncle went to the hospital last week.
  • She is going to tidy her room tomorrow.
  • I will call you later.
  • They have to leave now.
  • We watched that movie last year.

        Putting an adverb that tells us when at the end of a sentence is a neutral position, but these adverbs can be put in other positions to give a different emphasis. All adverbs that tell us when can be placed at the beginning of the sentence to emphasize the time element. Some can also be put before the main verb in formal writing, while others cannot occupy that position. read more

Meaning and Lyric the Song My Heart Will Go On


        Meaning and Lyric the Song My Heart Will Go On. The song entitled “My Heart Will Go On” which sung by Celine Dion is very popular in the world. It is an OST (stands for Original Soundtrack) of the film entitled “Titanic”. Although this song was created long years ago, but I am sure it is evergreen song. I myself like this song very much and I often listen to this song while doing something by using my computer.

       The meaning of the song is that no matter what happens between two people who love each other, for instance separation (long distance relationships), their heart will still have love for you no matter what. I also think that if things don’t work out, you will always love that person because each of you will always belong to each other.

        The basic them of the song is that whatever happens, whether there is long distances, death comes between the us, etc, you will always be in my heart and my heart will be happy with your feeling. read more