Difference Between Many and Much

Difference between Many and Much

       Difference Between Many and Much. Sometimes we feel confused to differ between the word “many” and “much”, so to know the difference these words, in this occasion I want to share about difference between many and much.

       However, before we discuss about the difference between “many” and “much”, let’s we discuss about the similarity both of them.

The similarity between “many” and “much”

  1. “Many” and “much” are both used to indicate a large quantity.


I have much money. (It means that I have a lot of money)

She drinks much water. (It means that she drinks a lot of water)

They buy many books. (It means they buy a lot of books)

You bring many mangoes. (It means that you bring a lot of mangoes)

  1. “Many” and “much” are both used with the question word “how” to ask about quantity.


How many sisters do you have?

How much milk do you take?

  1. Both are use with “of” to indicate a portion of something.


Much of the beverage is fresh.

Many of my friends are teachers.

  1. Both are used with “so” to emphasize quantity.


So much chicken is left over from last night.

So many chips are bad for you.

       After discussing about the similarity between “many” and “much”, now let’s continue discussing about the difference both of them. read more