Recreation to Maharani Cave

Maharani Cave

       Recreation to Maharani Cave. Have a nice meeting again to my beloved reader. In this occasion I want to share about the interesting place for recreation. The place is Maharani Cave.

       As we know that there are many interesting places as our destination for recreation. One of the famous recreation place in Lamongan Regency is Maharani Cave. This cave is also called as Maharani Palace, because of its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites which has never been forgotten by everyone who has come to this cave.

       This Maharani Cave found by 4 labourers who was led by Mr. Sugeng. This cave had been found on 6 Augusts 1992. The name of this cave had been selected by the situation of the beautiful cave like a palace from a beautiful queen. Before the invention, one of the wife of the members, had dreamed, in her dream she had met with a beautiful woman who had a beautiful attributes as the property of a queen that called Maharani. The queen seems to be in front of the door of the cave that had found. read more