Asking Permission Letter

Asking Permission Letter

Asking Permission Letter

      When we want to leave from a meeting or classroom activity, it is very important for us to ask permission to the teacher or the keynote. There two ways for asking permission, they can be orally or written.

      In this occasion we want to share a written of asking permission. In this case we want to share about an example of Asking Permission Letter in which this has been made by one of our students. (Also read : Pay Attention What I Say)

Let’s go to the example of Asking Permission Letter as below:

Sidoarjo, february 4th 2018


Mr. Nurdiono English teacher of VIII-A

Public Junior High School One Tarik

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

With this I :

Name     : Intan Nuraini

Grade     : VIII-A

Number : Eighteen

Inform that I cannot follow of your lesson on every Monday in this February (a month) because I must follow National Science Olympic (OSN) Training.

Because of that I hope Mr. Nurdiono can give me permissions and on granting permissions I say thank you. (Also read other article at : My House has Lots of Memories)


Mrs. Yunaida read more

Abunawas and the Ordered Letter

Abunawas and the Ordered Letter

Abunawas and the Ordered Letter

        One more story of Abunawas, it was about Abunawas and the ordered letter. (also read : King Harun Al Rasyid Became Slave)

        One day Abunawas went home after buying his daily need in the market. He was very surprised when he was arrived home and found some people digging his yard. Earth and stones were everywhere. The yard looked dirty. He was very upset and getting angry of the people doing to his yard. Abu came over to the people and asked. “Hey, what are you doing here?”

        They did not answer what Abunawas asked. One of them just showed a letter from the king to Abunawas. Abu read the letter. It said that the king ordered those men to find a treasure buried in Abunawas’ yard. After some time they stopped the digging. They did not find any treasure. Then, they left yard, just like that! The yard was still in a mess. Abunawas looked very angry but he could do nothing.

        “He’ll pay for this!” He grumbled to himself.

        The following day Abu went to the palace bringing a plate to meet the king. He covered the plate with a napkin. When he was in front of the king, he said, “Your majesty, these creatures have stolen my food.” After saying that Abu took up the napkin and some flies flew away from the plate. read more

Letter from Satan to Human Being

Letter from Satan to Human Being

Letter from Satan to Human Being

        Let’s muse about a letter from Satan to human being. It is not a real Letter from Satan to Human Being, but it is a kind way to put one in mind of us in order to be careful since Satan is a real enemy of human being.

O you who believe! enter into submission one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; surely he is your open enemy.[QS Al-Baqarah : 208]

And when We said to the angels: Make obeisance to Adam; they made obeisance but Iblis (did it not). He was of the jinn, so he transgressed the commandment of his Lord. What! would you then take him and his offspring for friends rather than Me, and they are your enemies? Evil is (this) change for the unjust.[QS Al-Kahf : 50]

       (Satan: The Devil) is not a fallen angel; rather he is a Jinn (A creation of Allah that was created before humankind from smokeless flame. They are referred to at times as spirit beings, banshees, poltergeists, phantoms and so forth) who can think, reason and has free will.

        Allah allowed him to reside amongst the Angels, but because of his pride and arrogance he despairs of ever knowing Allah’s mercy and has vowed not to inhabit the depths of Hell alone. Satan’s wish is to take as many human beings with him to the Hellfire as he can. Make no mistake about it; Satan is mankind’s mortal enemy. He is cunning, crafty and supremely arrogant. read more