Poem about Last Breath Before Death

Before Death

       Poem about Last Breath Before Death. Death is a must. Nobody can avoid it. Every life will die. This life is just like a market, where you buy and sell, people come and also go back home. Only Allah can say what happens to each one after death. Why I said so is that the almighty Allah looks at the heart not the pretty face you have and that determines what happens to you after you die.

Poem about Last Breath Before Death

Eyes stare brightly whist staring into the ceiling

Veins cringe and take their last breath of oxygen

Call it intoxication of air when you are being refused it

As gasping becomes heavy.

Heart rate lowered dramatically,

I have no more heart

Brain becomes frozen,

I have no control over it, for it is not mine

Chills go up and down my spine

How perfect our body’s function, how divine

Ignorant of this day that I must face

When the consequences of my actions no one can wipe away

Stone reaction on my face

I suffer the feeling of guilt in my heart

But too late to change it, as my mind thinks faster than my heart rate read more