The Legend of Mount Kelud

The Legend of Mount Kelud       

The Legend of Mount KeludThe Legend of Mount Kelud

       Jenggala Manik was the king of Kediri Kingdom. He had a daughter, her name was Dewi Kilisuci. She was very beautiful. Many young men fell in love with her. However, she always refused their marriage proposals. King Jenggala Manik was sad. He really wanted to see his daughter to get married. (Also read : DAMAR WULAN VERSUS MINAK JINGGO)

      “I hope you have to get married soon, my daughter,” said King Jenggala Manik. He continued, “I’m getting older, I know you are looking for a great husband. I have an idea, I’m going to hold a competition. If a man can stretch Kyai Garudayaksa’s bow and lift Kyai Sekardelima’s gong, he will be your husband.”

      Princess Dewi Kilisuci was speechless. She knew her father really wanted her to get married. She just hoped that she would marry a great man. She knew the bow and the gong had supernatural power. So the winner must had supernatural power too.

       The time of competition hold. One by one men tried to stretch the bow and lifted the gong but no one succeeded. They were injured, their hands and backs were broken. King Jenggala Manik planned to stop the competition. He thought no one could win the competition. read more