Love Story of Jayaprana and Layonsari

Jayaprana and Layonsari

        Love Story of Jayaprana and Layonsari. Folklore from Bali. Once upon a time there was a small kingdom called Kali Anget. At one time the kingdom was plagued by deadly diseases which killed many of its people including most of the king’s family members. This made the King was very sad so he decided to visit his people to entertain himself and his people of his kingdom. At a crossroad he met a little boy who was crying for the loss of his parents and brothers. The king decided to adopt the boy since he had already lost all his children in the epidemic that swept through the kingdom. He took the boy to his palace and made arrangements for him to be one of his family. The king taught him to be a soldier to service the kingdom in the future. The boy’s name was Jayaprana.

        The king loved him as his own child and did everything to keep him happily. Still, as the boy grew to become a handsome adult Jayaprana decided not to interfere with others and approach life in a simple way, even though being the son of a King. read more