Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

Good or Bad Wife

       One day a man came home from the mine where he works. He looked very sad and stressed. When his wife found out about her husband’s condition like that, she became surprised and then she asked her husband; “Honey, what’s wrong with you so you look so pale and stress?” (Also read : Failed Suicide to End Life)

The man said, “All the people I’m working with, died.”

His wife: “Of My Good. What happened??”

The man: “The lift cables were cut and the lift lost control and killed all of them.” (Also read other article at : Mencintai Nabi Muhammad SAW dengan Sedekah oleh Habib Muhammad Bin Abu Bakar Al Muhdhor)

His wife: “Oh my God, How did you survive??”

The man: “I had running stomach so I went to the toilet…. But when I came back, they were all gone.

And as the compensation, the families will receive 10 million each.” (Also read other article at : You Have to Love Yourself) read more

Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

On wonderful evening

I see the sky far away

So you are

You do the same thing

As if the sky were witnesses

Love story with beloved prince

Love makes us together

With all the flavor in the chest

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We walk with millions of rhythms

Until tired is never felt

We walk past beautiful scenery

But there is one thing that is felt

That makes us let go of the love story

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Sometimes we feel happy

Sometimes we feel cheerful

But we should not always be together

Will we sit in a sofa?

Will we sit on the grass?

Or will we sit in a separate building?

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Why does not love teach us?

To stop pretending.

Good bye love

Pretending love

Let it go.

       That’s the poem about Good Bye Pretending Love we can share for this occasion. We hope the poem above can be an alternative for us to think positive about what we do and we will do about love in our life. (also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Substansi Genetika) read more

Characteristic of a good teacher

Characteristic of a good teacher
Characteristic of a good teacher

Characteristic of a good teacher 

      We all agree that the quality of teachers determine one of the quality of our education. Qualified Teacher is the teacher’s teaching style in the classroom when delivering lessons can be accepted and understood by the students. Certainly learning conditions such class will be effective and conducive for students. This will give indirectly effect to affect the motivation and achievement of the students. (Also read : SPEECH ABOUT GIVING MOTIVATION (PIDATO TENTANG MOTIVASI)
      A teacher is a person who has an important role to educate the children of the nation. Thus, in order to educate the nation’s children, the teacher must have quality in the realm of classroom learning. A good teacher is a teacher who does not only have professional in teaching but also positive character that he/she should be an example for her students. Characteristic of a good teacher such as:
A teacher is fair and has good discipline
       A Teacher should have discipline in every way. Before the teacher requires students to discipline the teacher should be the first to have discipline in him. read more