Letter from a Child to God

Letter from a Child to God

Letter from a Child to God

Letter from a Child to God

       When a child of four years old wanted to write a letter to God, the innocence was powerful and touching. Reading about a girl’s letter to God here. Spending a moment as she shared her heart openly and honestly. Close you eyes for a moment and pause between the lines, to imagine a little child of four years old with her pretty cat. (Also read : Fierce Lion and Frog)

A Little Girl’s Letter – Conversation with God

Ramsons’ five years old cat, Pussy, died last month. The day after she died, their four year old daughter, Farah, was crying and talking about how much she missed Pussy.

She asked if they could write a letter to God so that when Pussy got to heaven, God would recognize her. Mrs. Ramson told her that she thought they could, so she dictated these words:

“Dear God,

Will you please take care of my cat? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my cat even though she got sick. read more

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

Fable of Tortoise and Birds

      Once upon a time in the sky, there was a big feast. All the birds were invited to a feast by the God of sky. Tortoise, a clever animal, heard the news about the great feast. As it felt hungry, it began to plan how it would travel to the sky. (Also read : Smart Parakeet King)

      Tortoise went to the birds’ home and it asked if it could go with them. The birds agreed and every bird gave it a feather, by receiving the feathers, it made a pair of wings for the tortoise.

      The day the feast came, tortoise was flying in the middle of the birds’ cycle and they were having journey to the sky. (Also read other article at : True Friend Will Not Run Away)

      Finally, the birds and tortoise arrived at the party. The God of the sky invited the birds to eat the delicious food they had prepared, but then tortoise asked, “Whom have you prepared this feast for?”

      “For you all, because you are special animals,” replied the God of the sky. read more

Everyday Wise Motivation Words

Everyday Wise Motivation Words

Everyday Wise Motivation Words

      There are many Everyday Wise Motivation Words we find in our daily life. Some of them we will share in this occasion are about Everyday Wise Motivation Words that they can be used as our spirit or motivation for applying in our daily life.

Below are some Everyday Wise Motivation Words

  • “A beautiful woman is not always having an appeal.”
  • “Anger, resentment, and hatred are the destroyer of your fortune today.” (Also read : Education is Spreading Civilization)
  • “A young person who will be successful is never give up before get the success on his hand.”
  • “Be a young who love parents and fears God.”
  • “Choose a woman who is able to work hard and do not choose a woman who just can sue your life.”
  • “Competition is so tiring, but we will be left behind if does not participate in the competition.”
  • “Do a kindness right now.”
  • “Do not focus about other people’s opinions, but only focus of our revenue.”
  • “Feeling inferior is a sign that you do not deserve to your current condition.”
  • “Forget the failures, but always remember a lesson from every failure you got.”
  • “God will never give you a problem which bigger than your ability.”
  • “If you lose be patient. If you win, stay humble.”
  • “If you love someone, do not make her cry even though only a few minutes.”
  • “Industrious people certainly beat those smart even though in a long time.”
  •  “Jealousy is a sign that love should have each other.”
  • “Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody.”
  • “Patience is needed when you want to achieve a success.”
  • “People who are not useful will have a lot of useless talk.”
  • “Poverty is not a shameful thing, but laziness and pessimism are exactly embarrassing.”
  • “Reality is not always in line with expectations. So, prepare yourself to face the poor reality.”
  • “Receiving your beloved without complaining is a sign that you are grateful to God.”
  • “Sincere is an invaluable wealth.”
  • “Speak politely, then people will respect you.”
  • “Stop looking for reasons why you are poor. Instead, try to find on how to be rich.”
  • “Success is an achievement. While, struggling is a must.” (Also read other article at : Meritorious Service to Success)
  • “The big happiness is a collection of the long time struggle.”
  • “The determiner of the future is only you and not your parents or siblings.”
  • “The higher your position, the more responsibility you have.”
  • “The past is not always as the way you want, but the future can be designed as you like.”
  • “The real friends are those who continue to accompany you even when you do not have anything.”
  • “Use your youth as good as possible.”
  • “When you have a lot of desires, you must involve a lot of action.”
  • “You cannot live without love.”
  • “Your eyes can see the things clearly. But with your heart, you can see the truth even without eyes.
  • read more

    Rich Man and Wise God

    Rich Man and Wise God

    Rich Man and Wise God

    Rich Man and Wise God

          The following day after the Wise God fulfilled the poor man’s wish to change the poor man’s old house into a new one, it made the rich man curious so the story of Rich Man and Wise God began. (Read the previous story entitled: Wise God and Poor Man)

          The sun was moving highly when the rich man got up and leaned out of his window and saw that on the opposite side of the way there was a new clean-looking house with red tiles and bright windows where the old hut used to be. 

          He was very much astonished, and called his wife and said to her, “Tell me, what can have happened? Last night there was a miserable little hut standing there, and today there is a beautiful new house. You have to run over and see how that has come to pass.”

          So his wife went and asked the poor man, and he said to her: “Yesterday evening a traveler came here and asked for a night’s lodging, and this morning when he took leave of us, he granted us three wishes – eternal happiness, health during this life and our daily bread as well, and besides this, a beautiful new house instead of our old hut.” read more

    Wise God and Poor Man

    Wise God and Poor Man

    Wise God and Poor Man

    Wise God and Poor Man

          Once upon a time, when the Wise God who pretended himself as a poor traveler, walked about the earth amongst men, it once happened that he was tired and overtaken by the darkness before he could reach an inn.  Now there stood on the road before him two houses facing each other, the one was large and beautiful, however, the other was small and poor.  The large one belonged to a rich man, and the small one belonged to a poor man. (also read : The Cat and Son of Miller)

          Then the Wise God thought, “I shall be no burden to the rich man. I will stay the night with him”.  Then he knocked the rich man’s door. He opened the window and asked the stranger what he wanted.  The Wise God answered, “I only ask for a night’s lodging”.

          Then the rich man looked at the traveler from head to foot, and as the Wise God was wearing common clothes, and did not look like one who had much money in his pocket, he shook his head, and said, “No, I cannot take you in, my rooms are full of herbs and seeds.  And if I were to lodge everyone who knocked at my door, I might very soon go begging myself.  Go somewhere else for a lodging.” He then shut down the window and left the Wise God standing there. (Also read other article at : Teacher Unmarked Hero) read more

    There is No God except Allah

    There is No God except Allah

    There is No God except Allah

            The expression of There is No God except Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah is the statement that qualifies someone as a Muslim. If you are convinced of this at some point then you are a Muslim. Formally, someone becomes a Muslim by saying – in front of witnesses – “I witness that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad is a messenger of Allah.” Here, however, we will share a poem entitled “There is No God except Allah” in order we always muse that we are nothing, we are very weak. (also read : Thanks to Allah for Everything Given)

    Below is a poem about There is No God except Allah:

    There is No God except Allah

    In The Name Of Allah

    There is absolutely no deity worthy of worship except Allah

    We seek Allah’s protection

    From Syaitan evil mind;

    We ask for His forgiveness

    And begin with the name of Allah

    Most Merciful, Most Kind, Most Powerful!

    Allah is Great

    Allah is Great this I know,

    For the Qur’an tells me so;

    All of us to him belong,

    We are weak but he is strong.

    Allah is One

    Related to none

    Allah is One!

    No father, read more

    Pray to Communicate with God

    Pray to Communicate with God

    Pray to Communicate with God

            It is an instinct of human to be inclined to adore the great beings, and to aspire to lofty goals.  The greatest being and the loftiest goal of all is God. The best way to cultivate in human a sound personality and actualize his aspirations in a mature course of development is the prayer. To neglect prayer is to oppress the good qualities in human nature and unjustifiably deny it the right to adore and love, the right to aspire and ascend, and the right to excel in goodness and achieve noble aims. Such oppression and denial constitute a very serious and destructive offense. (also read : FOLLOW MUHAMMAD SAW WORSHIP ALLAH WITH DEVOTION)

            In this occasion I will share a poem entitled ”Pray to Communicate with God”. It is about an appeal for help of human being to the only God (Allah) when they are in problem. However, actually we should pray whenever and wherever we are.

    Below is the poem about Pray to Communicate with God:

    Pray to Communicate with God

    When I wither in times of drought

    And my roots become weak,

    When my petals wander and blow

    From even the slightest breeze read more

    Reflection in New Life

    Reflection in New Life

    Reflection in New Life

    When my eyes opened in the dark morning,

    They showed me the greatness of God creatures;

    And what I should do after lying on my bed?

    What would be some of the secrets of success in my life?

    I found the answers right there inside my room.

    My bed said: wake up please.

    Pillow said; move me out from the head

    As I woke and slide my hand

    The Blanket said; Fold me please

    Hurriedly I folded the blanket

    Fan said; be cool and

    Roof said; be high aim

    I turn off the fan and look at the roof

    Then I peep through the window

    Window said; See the World

    Wall Clock said; every minute is precious

    So I looked at my calendar

    Calendar said; be up to Date

    I hurried to go to the bathroom

    The bath door said; Push hard for your Goals

    After bathing I looked at my mirror

    The Mirror said; Reflect before you Act

    When I watch my body

    My body said; bring me better

    Directly I thought of my soul

    My soul said; don’t let me get more Sins

    So my visitor, how do you reflect before acting in your new live?

     How do you begin your day? read more