Tutorial How to Make Flower from Paper

Tutorial How to Make Flower from Paper

Tutorial How to Make Flower from Paper

Tutorial How to Make Flower from Paper

       The following post is a video of an example of procedure text about Tutorial of Making Flower from Paper which it is presented by NANDINA SALSABILLA from IX-A class, Junior High School (SMP) 1 Tarik, Sidoarjo, East Java. (Also read : Tutorial How to Make Brownies)

       The purpose of publishing this video is giving appreciation to her for her effort to increase her courage in improving her speaking skill. Our other goal in publishing this video is to support her other friends and all readers, especially everyone who are still studying procedure text in Junior High School (SMP) or Senior High School (SMA), so they are not embarrassed in conveying their idea. (Also read other article at : Procedure Text How to Make Potato Stick)

This is the video How to Make Flower from Paper

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       Although the performance of the presentation of an example of Procedure Text is not as good as the experts, however, the video of presentation above at least can be used as an evidence that our students can improve and perform their skill in achievement of her action in implementation of English Material, especially combination of reading material, especially procedure text, speaking skill and act performance. read more

Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life

Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life

Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life

        One way of expressing our feeling is by writing a poem. For this I want to share a poem about Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life. There is nothing I can say, except appreciate your attendance for reading my articles. (also read : Confession of My Sins)

Small Sacrifice Meaningful Life

The Flower of a Mercy Raised Up,

Destined to receive that golden cup,

A droght of bittersweet I did sup,

To rouse the heedless and lift them up.

Dead before death,

In my heart nothing left,

Just the presence of His Breath

And to all men deaf.

Can’t they see, don’t they understand,

That this struggle is not for who rules the land,

What do I have to do with rocks, earth and sand,

When all of mine is in His Hand.

They weep, they plead,

“I cannot win, I can’t succeed,”

To them all I pay no heed

They can’t follow where I lead

To the land, soil reddened now and then,

To remind the souls of boys and men,

Of the sacred month day ten,

Shadowed by this lowly pen.

I stood upon my simple mat and spoke softly with my Friend, read more