Pasmina Hijab Tutorial

Pasmina Hijab Tutorial

Pasmina Hijab Tutorial

Pasmina Hijab Tutorial

       The following post is a video Tutorial on Youtube of an example of procedure text about how to wear Pasmina style of Hijab which it is presented by SHARLA MAHARDIKA PUTRI from IX-D class, Junior High School (SMP) 1 Tarik, Sidoarjo, East Java. (Also read : Tutorial to Change wallpaper on iPhone)

       The purpose of publishing this video is giving appreciation to her for her effort to increase her courage in improving her speaking skill. Our other goal in publishing this video is to support her other friends and all readers, especially everyone who are still studying procedure text in Junior High School (SMP) or Senior High School (SMA), so they are not embarrassed in conveying their idea. (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Sejarah Terbentuknya Bintang)

This is the tutorial video of the way of Wearing Pasmina Hijab.

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       Although the performance of the presentation of an example of Procedure Text is not as good as the experts, however, the video of presentation above at least can be used as an evidence that our students can improve and perform their skill in achievement of her action in implementation of English Material, especially combination of reading material, especially procedure text, speaking skill and act performance. (Also read other article at : Mencoba Menjauh dari Kenangan) read more

Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship

Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship

Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship

Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship

       There are many ways to improve our English skill. One of them is by doing practice in conversation. For this, in the following post we want to share an example of Drama about Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship in the form of video. This video is the product of students’ creativity in increasing their English, especially their speaking skill. (Also see other material at : Drama Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih)

       We proudly present this video for appreciating our students’ effort not only their ability in speaking skill, but also their ability in designing the performance of the video itself. Another goal is to make them proud because their work is highly valued so that they are more motivated to do better and also to encourage other students to be more enthusiastic in developing their English (Also read other article at : Pengertian dan Contoh Majas Paradoks)

       By watching this video about Drama Bullying Leads to Friendship, we hope that we can be able to enjoy the video and have some real example of Conversation, especially drama about how to act performance as good as possible and it can be our references in improving our English as our second language, especially our English Speaking skill. (Also read other article at : Pidato tentang Perang Melawan Narkoba) read more

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

Talking About Weather

       In this occasion we’d like to share an example of speaking skill. This is Talking About The Weather. Below is the conversation example of Talking About Weather.  

Situation: Vonny and Ratih talk while walking to their English class.

Vonny: Oh, it feels so cold this morning.

Ratih: You are right. Early this morning my motorcycle was covered with dew. I had to spray it with water before I could drive to school. (Also read : Conversation at the Bus Station)

Vonny: Who would have thought it could be this cold in early December, especially in Surabaya?

Ratih: I know. The temperature was 23 degrees Celsius when I woke up this morning. I was freezing as soon as I got out of bed. The cold weather just hit me by surprise.

Vonny: I cannot remember when it was this cold in early December.

Ratih: Suppose yourself for the rain this afternoon. Cold and wet, Hrrr!

Vonny: It is going to rain this afternoon?

Ratih: Not only this afternoon, but also the rest of the week. 

Vonny: Oh, it is going to be miserable. I have a full class schedule today and tomorrow. To walk from class to class, I will have to juggle my books and my umbrella trying not to get wet. (Also read other article at : Bad Fact Between Human And Nature) read more

Expression of Daily Activity

Expression of Daily Activity

Expression of Daily Activity

      Every we have routines activity. These activities start from getting up in the morning up to going to our bed in the evening. These activities can be happened at home, at work, at school or other places. (also study : Expression of Hope or Wish and Its Response)

      To improve our English, especially our speaking skill, we will share some Expression of Daily Activity. These activities consist of daily routines or our habits everywhere.

Below are some Expression of Daily Activity:

  • I get up.
  • She gets up.
  • I wake up.
  • I go to bathroom.
  • We go to the bathroom.
  • I take a shower.
  • I brush my teeth.
  • I get dressed.
  • I pray Subuh.
  • I have Prayer Subuh.
  • I put my make-up.
  • I read newspaper.
  • My mother washes the dishes.
  • I have breakfast.
  • He has breakfast.
  • I sweep the floor.
  • I mop the floor.
  • I leave home.
  • I go to school.
  • They go to school.
  • I go to school on foot.
  • I go to school by motorcycle.
  • I go to work by taxi.
  • I go to work.
  • You go to work.
  • I arrive at school.
  • I start studying at 7 o’clock.
  • I start work at 8 o’clock.
  • I finish studying at school.
  • I finish work.
  • I go home.
  • I arrive home.
  • I have lunch.
  • I take a nap.
  • I go to the mosque.
  • I have dinner.
  • I do my homework.
  • I go online.
  • I surf the internet.
  • I do my housework.
  • I watch television program.
  • I go to bed.
  • Our family go to bed.
  • read more

    Example of Simple Present Tense

    Example of Simple Present Tense

    Example of Simple Present Tense

          After discussing the material of Simple Present Tense, now we want to share some of example of Simple Present Tense in order we have more understanding about it. Below is the post of Example of Simple Present Tense we can share to make the readers have more understanding about simple tense. (also read the material : The function of Simple Present Tense)

    These are some sentence of Example of Simple Present Tense.

    Statement (Positive):

  • Anita speaks English very well.
  • My uncle lives in very small house.
  • Joni rides a motorcycle to school.
  • My parents usually read newspaper in the morning.
  • They play basketball every Sunday.
  • I pay tax every month.
  • They watch Korean drama.
  • I help my mother at house.
  • You sing Ed Sheeran’s songs melodiously.
  • Tini goes to school by bus.
  • Melia eats rice every morning.
  • He lives in Bandung.
  • I am the best pianist in my town.
  • You are Mrs. Rania’s best student.
  • They are on the seventh floor.
  • She always washes her face before going to bed.
  • The sun rises from the east every day.
  • Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.
  • Working whole day makes my body so tired.
  • Mother always takes care her child every time.
  • Government gives fund to poor people as a compensation of new oil policy.
  • Several national televisions broadcast their program 24 hours a day.
  • I want to lose you again.
  • I need your reason coming late.
  • read more

    The Meaning of Family Member

    The Meaning of Family Member

    The Meaning of Family Member

    The Meaning of Family Member

            There are some members in one family. It can be a nuclear family and big family. A nuclear family usually consists of a father, a mother and son or/and daughter. However, here we will discuss about a big family and we should know The Meaning of Family Member to differ them. (also read : Names of Room and Place at School)

    Below are the members and The Meaning of Family Member:

    father is somebody’s male parent

    mother is somebody’s female parent

    parents are somebody’s father and mother

    son is somebody’s male child

    daughter is somebody’s female child

    husband is the man who a woman is married to

    wife is the woman who a man is married to (Also read other article at : Teacher Unmentioned Hero)

    spouse is somebody married to another person; husband or wife

    brother is a boy or man who has the same parents as another person

    sister is a girl or woman who has the same parents as another person

    sibling is a brother or sister

    elder brother/sister is a brother/sister who is older than you

    younger brother/sister is brother/sister who is younger than you read more

    Expression for Conversation at Airport

    Expression for Conversation at Airport

    Expression for Conversation at Airport

            After having known about vocabulary words related to the airport and flight (see previous post about Words related to the Airport and Flight), now we want to share some Expression for Conversation at Airport. These common expressions are usually used or heard when we are at the airport for flying to somewhere we go.

    Below are some Expression for Conversation at Airport:

    The passengers will usually hear some expressions as below when they are at the airport:

    • Ticket please.
    • Your ticket is expired.
    • Your passport is expired.
    • Can I see your tickets?
    • Can I have your ticket?
    • Can I see your passport?
    • May I see your ticket?
    • Do you have an e-ticket?
    • Do you have some photo ID?
    • How many bags are you checking?
    • Did you pack these bags yourself?
    • Do you have a carry-on bag? (a bag or purse to take on the airplane)
    • Do you require special assistance? (example a “wheelchair”)
    • Have you paid your airport improvement fee/tax?
    • Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
    • Your baggage is overweight. (Remove some contents or pay a fine.)
    • Your carry-on luggage is too large.
    • Your flight is delayed. (It’s late.)
    • Your flight has been cancelled. (You must rebook a new flight)
    • Your connecting flight/connection has been cancelled/is delayed.
    • Commands and questions at the Security Checkpoint:
    • Boarding pass, please.
    • ID please. (show your photo ID)
    • Spread your arms out please. (Put your arms up and out to the sides of your body)
    • Take your shoes off.
    • Open your bag.
    • Take off/remove your belt.
    • Do you have any change in your pockets?
    • Do you have any metals?
    • Do you have any food/produce?
    • Do you have any liquids or medicine?
    • Walk through.
    • You must dump all food or beverages. (You can’t bring it through the gates.)

    The passengers may need to use the following questions to ask when they are at the airport:

    • Is my flight on time?
    • When should I be at the gate?
    • Where is the boarding gate?
    • Where is the washroom?
    • Can I get a window seat?
    • Is there somewhere to eat?
    • Can I get a coffee at the gate?
    • Is my connection on time?
    • Where do I collect my baggage?
    • Where can I find a taxi?
    • Where is the departure gate?
    • Where is the arrival gate?
    • Where is the check-in desk for ….airlines?
    • Where is the domestics level?
    • Where is the international level?

    Example in conversation

    Airport official: Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?

    Passenger; Here you are.

    Airport official: Thank you. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

    Passenger; Non-smoking, please.

    Airport official: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

    Passenger; An aisle seat, please.

    Airport official: Do you have any baggage?

    Passenger; Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.

    Airport official: Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.

    Passenger; Thank you.

            That’s all our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport we can share. We hope that our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport above can be used to improve our English skill, especially when we are having conversation at the airport. (also read : Giving Instruction and Its Response) read more

    Conversation about Weather

    Conversation about Weather

    Conversation about Weather

            After discussing about some words related to the weather, now we will continue our discussion about the weather. In this case we will talk about example of conversation about weather. However, before giving example of Conversation about Weather, it is better we are giving some phrases that we might hear people saying about the weather. (also read : Common Words Describe Weather)

    Below is the material of Conversation about Weather

    Some phrases sometimes people use in Conversation about Weather:

    Lovely day!

    It’s turned out nice again.

    Terrible weather, isn’t it?

    Isn’t this weather miserable?

    Isn’t it cold today?

    I hear it’ll clear up later.

    It’s looking nice out today.

    And below some examples of Conversation about Weather

    Conversation about good weather

    Linda: Don’t you think it’s really nice outside today?

    Randy: Yes, I think it is really nice day. The weather is perfect.

    Linda: But I want it is going to rain.

    Randy: I hope so. I hope the rain will drop soon.

    Linda: I love it. The sky looks so clean after it rains. I especially love the night air after the rains. read more

    Differences IN ON AT for Adverb of Place

    Differences IN ON AT for Adverb of Place

    Differences IN ON AT for Adverb of Place

            Often people are confused with similar prepositions particularly the prepositions IN, ON and AT when talking about place or location. For this in this occasion we would like to share about Differences IN ON AT for Adverb of Place. In this discussion we will divide into two parts. The first is IN, ON or AT to show general place, and the second is indicating a position for spaces with limitations. (also read : DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MANY AND MUCH)

    Here is the material of Differences IN ON AT for Adverb of Place:

    Differences IN ON AT to show general place


    IN is used with names of cities, towns, provinces, states, and countries.


    I live in Indonesia

    There are so many celebrities in California

    Where were you born? I was born in Surabaya.

    Living in Malang is very nice.

    IN is also generally used for a larger area where there are numerous specific locations possible.


    She lives in Singogalih village.

    They live in Boulevard district.


    ON is used with street names.


    I’m on Sudirman street, meet me here Freddie.

    We live on Jln. Flamboyan, Sidoarjo.

    Turn right, the Bukopin Bank is on Delima Street. read more

    Indonesian Translation of Color

    Indonesian Translation of Color

    Indonesian Translation of Color

    Indonesian Translation of Color

            There are many colors in English should be known by Indonesian, especially those who are still studying in elementary school, junior or senior high school. For this we want to share about Indonesian Translation of Color. So we will present the English color and then they directly translated into Indonesian. (also read : Names of Room and Place at School)

    Below are Indonesian Translation of Color

  • Red → merah
  • White → putih
  • Grey → abu-abu
  • Brown → cokelat
  • Black → hitam
  • Blue → biru
  • Yellow → kuning
  • Green → hijau
  • Orange → jingga = oranye
  • Beige → abu-abu cokelat (Baca juga : Istilah Penyakit dalam Bahasa Inggris)
  • Light Green → hijau cerah
  • Dark Green → hijau gelap
  • Navy Blue → biru laut
  • Turquoise → biru hijau (biru telur asin)
  • Amber → kuning sawo
  • Amethyst → ungu, lembayung
  • Apricot → kuning aprikot
  • Aqua → biru air
  • Aquamarine → biru laut, hijau kebiruan
  • Auburn → cokelat kemerahan
  • Azure → biru langit
  • Beige → abu-abu kecoklatan
  • Bronze → merah tua
  • Cardinal → merah terang
  • Carmine → merah tua
  • Celadon → hijau pudar
  • Cerise → jingga muda
  • Cerulean → biru cerulean
  • Charcoal → warna arang
  • Chartreuse → hijau muda kekuning-kuningan
  • Chocolate → warna coklat tua
  • Cinnamon → coklat dengan kesan merah
  • Copper → warna tembaga
  • Coral → merah kekuning-kuningan
  • Cream → krem
  • Crimson → merah tua terang
  • Cyan → biru terang
  • Dark → warna gelap
  • Denim → biru agak gelap
  • Desert sand → warna pasir padang pasir
  • Ebony → hitam gelap
  • Eggplant → ungu terong
  • Emerald → hijau zamrud
  • Forest green → hijau hutan
  • Fuchsia → merah muda terang
  • Gold → warna emas
  • Goldenrod → coklat keemasan
  • Gray → abu-abu
  • Hot pink → merah muda terang
  • Hue → roda warna
  • Indigo → nila
  • Ivory → putih gading
  • Jade → hijau lumut
  • Jet → hitam pekat
  • Jungle green → hijau hutan
  • Khaki → kuning pucat
  • Lavender → ungu muda
  • Lemon → kuning muda
  • Light → putih terang
  • Lilac → merah muda keunguan pudar
  • Lime → hijau tua
  • Magenta → merah keungu-unguan
  • Maroon → merah tua terang
  • Mauve → ungu, lembayung muda
  • Mustard → kuning kehijauan pucat
  • Navy blue → biru laut (Baca juga : Soal Pilihan Ganda Simple Past Tense)
  • Ochre → kuning tua
  • Olive → kuning kecoklatan tua
  • Orchid → ungu muda
  • Pale → warna pucat
  • Pastel → warna pastel
  • Peach → warna peach
  • Periwinkle → biru pucat
  • Pink → merah muda
  • Primary color → warna primer
  • Puce → warna sawo matang
  • Pumpkin → jingga labu
  • Purple → ungu
  • Rainbow → warna pelangi
  • Rose → merah mawar
  • Ruby → merah delima
  • Russet → coklat kekuningan
  • Rust → coklat kemerahan
  • Saffron → kuning-jingga
  • Salmon → merah muda-kekuningan
  • Sapphire → biru nilam
  • Scarlet → merah tua, merah padam
  • Sea green → hijau kebiruan
  • Secondary color → warna sekunder
  • Sepia → coklat tua
  • Shade → corak bayangan
  • Sienna → coklat
  • Slate → biru
  • Steel blue → biru baja
  • Tangerine → hijau jeruk kepruk
  • Teal → hijau kebiruan
  • Thistle → merah muda-ungu muda
  • Tomato → merah tomat
  • Turquoise → biru kehijauan
  • Ultramarine → biru laut tua
  • Vermilion → merah terang
  • Violet → ungu kebiruan
  • Viridian → hijau-abu-abu
  • Wheat → warna coklat gandum
  • Wisteria → ungu-merah muda pucat
  • Hot Pink → merah mudah cerah
  • Neon Green → hijau neon
  • Silver → perak
  • Gold → emas
  • read more