The Legend of Gold Snail

The Legend of Gold Snail

        The Legend of Gold Snail. A long time ago in East Java, there lived a princess from Jenggala Kingdom and a prince from Daha Kingdom. The princess of Jenggala kingdom’s name was Putri Galuh Condro Kirono, and the prince of Daha kingdom’s name was Raden Panji Inu Kertapati. They loved each other so much. Unfortunately, their joy of love was disturbed by the arrival of a king from a “somewhere” kingdom who at that time visited Jenggala Kingdom and wanted to purpose Putri Galuh Condro Kirono as his wife.

        Putri Galuh didn’t want to marry with that king but she didn’t want her kingdom was attacked because of her rejection so she decided to escape from the palace, and she lived in the village. Then she disguised herself by changing her name to be “Dewi Sekartaji”.

        Barata Narada, the King of gods, knew what happened to Putri Galuh. Then, by using his magical power he helped Putri Galuh or Dewi Sekartaji to disguise. He, then, turned her to be Keong Mas (gold snail). Then with a guidance from Barata Narada, the Gold Snail then continued her journey. The Gold Snail wandered along the river and the valley. read more

Penataran Temple in Blitar

Penataran Temple in Blitar

       Penataran Temple in Blitar. Blitar is one of small regency in East Java province. However, this city is noteworthy for all people in Indonesia, moreover for people in the world because this place was being the hometown of Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Soekarno. It’s a rather sleepy place that’s got a tiny business district as well as ancient Hindu temples (called Penataran temple).

        Blitar city has principle “Kridho Hangudi Jaya” (it means: work hard to reach the glorious) and its motto “Blitar Kota Patria” (Blitar the defender of the nation that well-regulated, cleanly, beautiful, and safety), also known as heroic city, student city and peaceful city.

        Blitar city has try to build its city as ‘Patria’ city which supported by it commerce system. One of Blitar government’s effort is by choosing the tourism sector as the main product to increase its economic region.

        There are many tourism objects as the others East Java’s regencies. Some of them are Penataran Temple which is the ancient Hindu temple, Tambakrejo beach with its fantastic waves, Serang beach that it commonly held Larung Sesaji Ceremony, Soekarno Graveyard which is one of Blitar religious tour, traditionally event in Blitar such as Grebeg Pancasila, etc. read more

The Legend of Twin Masks Dance

Twin Masks

       The Legend of Twin Masks Dance. Once upon a time there was a kingdom in East Java. The kingdom name was Bintolo. The king of Bintolo had a very beautiful princess. Because of her beauty, many princes, boys and young men fell in love with her and proposed her to be their wife. However, the princess always refused the wedding proposal politely. She always said that she did not want to get married yet.

       Far away from the kingdom, there was a boy in the small village who lived with his mother. His father had died when he was still a child. The boy’s job was a mask maker. He also knew the princess’ beauty and he fell in love with her but he did not have any courage to propose her. The boy was ugly.

       “How can I propose her? The princess even refused the proposal from the princes and also handsome and rich boys or men,” that’s what this ugly boy always thought.

       However, the mask maker could not stop thinking about the princess. He always thought about her. Days and nights he always thought the beautiful princess. He did not want to eat and he could not sleep either. Soon, the boy was ill. And that made his mother was very sad. She was really worried about him because she loved her son very much. read more

Recreation to Sukamade Beach

Sukamade Beach

        Recreation to Sukamade Beach. There are many well-known places to visit for recreation in East Java. Some of them are great in Banyuwangi. They are Pulau Merah Beach, Sukamade Beach, Meru Betiri National Park, and others. And in this occasion, I want to share about Sukamade Beach for destination of refreshing with our family or our friends.

       Sukamade Beach (also called turtle beach) is the beach considered one of the best habitat of sea turtles in Indonesia. Sukamade beach is precisely stated in Meru Betiri National Park which is one of Diamonds Triangle after G-Land beach and Ijen Crater.

       As sea turtles, it can be found turtles laying eggs at the beach at night. Hike through the forest of Meru Betiri National Park in the morning and visit the baby turtles in the afternoon. The park is situated on the south coast between Banyuwangi and Jember. With magnificent coastal rainforest, abundant wildlife, beaches and superb coastal scenery, it is one of Java’s finest parks. everyday landing in the beach which stretches 3 kilometers long at the southern coast of Java Island. read more

Recreation to Madakaripura Waterfall

Recreation to Madakaripura Waterfall

       Recreation to Madakaripura Waterfall. After long time I have not shared about recreation, I think this time for me to share about recreation place. And in this occasion, I want to share about a place for recreation in Probolinggo’s area. The place is Madakaripura Waterfall.

       Entering Probolinggo, after enjoying the beautiful panorama of Mount Bromo, you can enjoy other spectacular charming scenery, but it is still outlying of Probolinggo’ area. It is Madakaripura Waterfall. This Waterfall is charming. This waterfall is located in Sapeh village, Lumbang sub-district, Probolinggo district, East Java.

        Madakaripura Waterfall is near from Bromo Mountain area. If you visit Bromo Mountain and enjoy the sunrise tour to do climbing package that starts at 4 o’clock in the morning and then continues towards Mount Bromo, my estimate, you will enjoy all the package and you will be satisfied with the scenery of Bromo Mountain until 10.00 am / 11.00 am, so you can go directly to the waterfall of Madakaripura after enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo, this waterfall can be Your access to the same as the time you come home from bromo mountain into the city of Probolinggo, you will find a junction to the waterfall madakaripura, it is easy to find the location of the waterfall. There is a statue of Gajahmada, Prime Minister of Gajah Mada, in the middle of the junction, then follow the right path to continue to the waterfall. read more

Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo Beach

       Recreation to Watu Ulo Beach. Watu Ulo beach is one of the beautiful beaches in East Java. This beach is very unique because There is a special thing about the beach which is different from any other beaches not only around the beaches in East Java but also around the beaches in Java Island. Why this beach is very unique? because at this beach there is a long stone shaped like a scaly snake, it is like a snake with its head protruding into the sea, while his body was in the mainland.

       Watu Ulo beach is located in the village of Sumberejo, Ambulu sub-district, Jember regency. It is about 40 kilometers southern of the town of Jember. And it is about 235 kilometers from the city of Surabaya. To go there, visitors can use public transport or hire a rental car. The journey there takes about 30 minutes from the center of the town of Jember.

       If you want to go to Watu Ulo Beach and you start from Surabaya, go to Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, then to Jember and continue your travel to Abulu Sub-district and then to the village of Sumberejo. The location of the beach is in the territory of Sumberejo village outside lane to the beach, however, if you are from Bali, just go to Gilimanuk harbor – Ketapang harbor in Banyuwangi, then go to Jember. You do not need to worry to achieve Watu Ulo Beach since its access towards Watu Ulo Beach is smooth asphalt roads about 3 m wide. It can be reached by public transportation or personal vehicles. read more

Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach

Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach

       Holiday in Kondang Merak Beach. Kondang Merak Beach is one of south coastal beaches of East Java. This beach is near to Balekambang Beach. It is administratively located in Sumberbening village, Bantur district. Malang regency. The distance of this beach is about 68 kilometers from Malang city.

       Although this beautiful beach is near to Balekambang Beach but the fact that Kondang Merak Beach is less popular than its neighboring beach, Balekambang Beach. This fact may be caused of difficulty to get the location.

       It will take around two to three hours from the city of Malang by driving our own vehicle. However, It will take much longer if we take public transportations, and of course we’ll have to change the public transportation three times. The last two kilometer to the beach is also bumpy and this may become one of the reasons why this beach is less popular than Balekambang Beach. Fortunately, the advantages of this condition this beach makes cleaner and quieter, it is also during the weekdays. This beach looks more natural and it is not too crowded. read more

Recreation to Sendang Biru Beach

Sendang Biru Beach

       Recreation to Sendang Biru Beach. There are many recreation places in Malang, East Java that we can visit for our refreshing. They are BNS, Ngliyep Beach, Bajul Mati Beach and others. The scenery of the places are very interesting. Insya Allah you will not be bored for coming.

       One of recreation place that I want to share is Sendang Biru Beach. The name of Sendang Biru was originated from Javanese language. In Javanese Language, Sendang Biru means the source of water with blue water. It is not surprising because when you arrive at the beach, you will be welcomed by blue and crystal water.

      Sendang Biru is one of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang Regency. This beach lies at Sumber Agung Village, Sumbermanjing district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The distance of Sendang Biru Beach is about 69 km from Malang City. It is southern of Malang City and takes approximately 2 hours by driving a car. You can ride motorcycle, a car or public transportation. If you want to feel the real adventure, you can take minibus with the direction to Gadang – Turen – Sendang Biru. The access to the beach is adequate. read more

Recreation to Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake

       Recreation to Sarangan Lake. After working or doing all days in a week, the body needs to be refresh. One way of getting refreshing is having picnic to somewhere that it can be cooling down the frazzle of the body. For doing this we recommend you who stay around East Java or Central Java to go to Sarangan Lake for refreshing destination.

       Sarangan lake is also known as Telaga Sarangan located on the border between East Java, Central Java, exactly in Plaosan district, Magetan regency, East Java. Located about 16 kilometers west of the city Magetan, Sarangan is having 30 acres and and 28 meters depth. With its air temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Sarangan Lake is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu (3265 m) which has a beautiful natural mountain. You can make the Telaga Sarangan as one alternative to your vacation this time. There are many interesting natural attractions that can be enjoyed here. This lake and its surroundings offer a beautiful natural landscape and stunning for you. read more

Recreation to Madura Island

Recreation to Madura Island

     Recreation to Madura Island. General information about Madura Island

     Madura is the name of the island located in the northeast of East Java. Madura Island is one of the largest island in the province of East Java. Since June 2009, the area known as the producer of salt has been linked with a giant bridge named National Suramadu Bridge (inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono). The island has a letter of motor vehicle itself, the letter is “M“.

     Wide area of Madura is approximately 5250 km2 (smaller than the island of Bali), with a population more than 4 million people.

Madura Island consist of four regencies, namely:





       Each Regency has its own characteristics, particularly languages, such as pronunciation, mention, dialect and intonation look different.

     Ethnic Madurese has big population in Indonesia, numbering around 20 million. They came from Madura Island and the surrounding islands, such as Gili Raja, Sapudi, Raas, and Kangean. In addition, many Madurese living in the eastern part of East Java called Horse Poultice region, from northern Pasuruan to Banyuwangi. Madurese who live in Situbondo and Bondowoso, and eastern Probolinggo, Jember, have the most number and rarely speak Javanese, also including North Surabaya and part of Malang. read more