Generic Structure of Discussion Text

Generic Structure of Discussion Text

Generic Structure of Discussion Text

Generic Structure of Discussion Text

 One more material of studying kind of texts we will discuss, it is about the Generic Structure of Discussion Text. However, in this material, we will also discuss the definition, the purpose, the language features, and the example of discussion text. (Also read another article at : Definition and Purpose of Review Text)

Definition of Discussion Text

A discussion text is a text which presents a problematic discourse. This problem will be discussed from different viewpoints. Discussion is commonly found in philosophical, historic, and social text. In other words, Discussion is a kind of genre used to present (at least) two points of view about an issue.

The purpose or Social Function of Discussion Text

Purpose A discussion is used to present different opinions on a particular issue or topic ie arguments for and against/positive and negative/good and bad.

The point is a balanced style of writing. The writer does not force his own opinion about the problematic issue. He gives a balanced point of view so the writer and readers eventually have clear steps tones and make the best decision. read more

Expression of Praise

Expression of Praise

        Expression of Praise. Praise is something desired by everyone. They will be happy if they get a praise. We can give praise to someone who deserve it. For those who are married, praise can be given to a husband or a wife or children.

         If we get a praise, so we will feel happy because we got the attention of the person. Praise can be given by action or by words. If by action, we can give a gift to that person.

        Whereas, if we want to give a praise by using words, so we can use expression of praise through the following discussion.

        Expression of Praise can be interpreted as a strong expression as a form of approval or admiration for someone for something. Expressions of praise can be given to anyone and this is a form of admiration for someone or something.

        To praise someone or something, we can use some expressions like the following:


That’s an amazing film!

I’m proud of …

What a wonderful!


Nice assignment, … read more

Expression and Response of Request

Expression of Request

        Expression and Response of Request. In everyday activity, it is normally that sometimes we need to ask someone to do something for us. However, we are still confused how to express our request so someone understand what we ask about. For this, we want to share about Expression and Response of Request. Below is the explanation.

      There are four points of topic will be discussed Expression and Response of Request. They are Asking someone to do something, asking someone for something, accepting for request and refusing request.

Now, let’s go to the discussion.

  1.   Expression of Request

        A.   Asking someone to do something:

  • Can you give me the book?
  • Could you phone me at 5 o’clock in the morning?
  • Would you mind repairing my laptop?
  • Do you think you could take me to the market?
  • I wonder if you could write me an application letter?

        B.   Asking someone for something:

  • Can I borrow your ruler?
  • Could I have a seat?
  • Can’t I sit beside you?
  • May I use your motor cycle?

  1. Response of Request

      A.   The expression to accept Request:

  • Yes
  • OK
  • Sure
  • All right
  • Certainly
  • It’s a pleasure

     B.   The expression to refuse Request:

  • I’m afraid, I ….. (give your reason).
  • I’m sorry, I can’t.
  • I’d like to, but…(give your reason).

Example of dialogue

Dialogue 1:

Sales           : What I can do for you sir?

Customer : I am looking for a good pants. Would you mind take                         me some? so I can compare each others. read more

The Function of Discussion Text

The Function of Discussion Text

The Function of Discussion Text

The Function of Discussion Text

       Hi my beloved visitor! How are you going? Fine? Well, in this occasion I want to share a kind of text. In this case I will share about Discussion Text. In the Discussion Text, we will discuss about the function, generic structure, language features and the examples of it. So, let’s go to the explanation. (Also read : Beauty of Balekambang Beach)

The Function

       A discussion is used to present different opinions on a particular issue or topic i.e. arguments for ideas against between positive and negative or between good and bad.

The Generic Structure

There are three parts of discussion Text, they are:

  1. Issue

      This part consists of an introductory paragraph that introduces topic/issue – may state writer’s view.

2.   Argument

       This part consists of series of paragraphs that outline arguments for and against the issue or topic. Words should show comparison/contrast and link arguments. (Also read other article at : Sahabat Sejati Dikenang Dalam Hati) read more