Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses

Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses

Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses

Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses

The posting of Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses below maybe can be used to overcome our confusion for finding the change of one pattern or formula in getting kinds of tenses. And these are Complete 16 Kinds of Tenses we mean. (Also read another article at : Definition of Transitive and Intransitive Verb)

They are:

  1. Simple Present Tense


Stating a habit (habitual action) or activities that occur over and over – again and again, and again. Stating a general truth.

Pattern/Formula without a verb :

(+) S + am/is/are + Complement

(-) S + am/is/are + not + Complement

(?) Am/Is/Are + S + Complement


(+) Mr. Richard is in the living room.

(-) Mr. Richard is not in the living room.

(?) Is Mr. Richard in the living room?

Pattern/Formula with verb :

(+) S + V1 + es/s + Object

(- ) S + do/does + not + V1 + Object

(? ) do/does + s + V1 + Object?


(+) My sister lives in Palembang.

(-) My sister does not live in Palembang.

(?) Does my sister live in Palembang?

  1. Present Continuous Tense


To declare an ongoing activity (now) or around the time of the conversation (around the time speaking). read more