Causative Verbs Have and Get

Causative Verbs Have and Get

Causative Verbs Have and Get

        In this occasion we want to share grammar session that is Causative Verbs Have and Get. We use a causative verb when we want to talk about something that someone else did for us or for another person. It means that the subjects did not do the action themselves, however the subject caused the action to happen by someone else. Maybe they paid, or asked, or persuaded the other person to do it. For example, we can say:

I took the shirt. (This means that I took it myself).

If I asked someone to take the shirt, of course I can say:

A shopkeeper took the shirt.

But, another way is to use a causative construction. So I can also say:

I had the shirt took.

In a sense, using a causative verb is similar to using a passive. The important thing is that the shirt is now taken. We don’t focus on who did the taking.

For complete information about Causative Verbs Have and Get, in this material we will divide it into two main topics, they are “have or get something done” and “have or get someone do something”. So let’s go to the topics. read more