Definition and Kinds of Part of Speech

Definition and Kinds of Part of Speech

Part of Speech

Definition and Kinds of Part of Speech

       A part of speech is a category of words (or, more generally, of lexical items) which have similar grammatical properties. Whereas words can be considered as the smallest elements that have distinctive meanings. (Also read : The Scenery of Mount Semeru)

       Based on the meaning above, words are categorized into eight major kinds or parts of speech. They are noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, preposition, and interjection. In this post I will share about the definitions and examples for the major parts of speech in English.

  1. Noun

       Noun refers to words that are used to name of persons, things, animals, places, ideas, or events. Examples:

This is my cat.

I live in Sidoarjo.

Soekarno was the first president of Indonesia.

  1. Pronoun

       Pronoun is a part of a speech which functions as a replacement for a noun. The words classified as pronouns are: I, it, he, she, mine, his, hers, we, they, theirs, and ours, etc. (Also read other article at : Jenis Aliran Musik) read more