Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

Good Bye Pretending Love

On wonderful evening

I see the sky far away

So you are

You do the same thing

As if the sky were witnesses

Love story with beloved prince

Love makes us together

With all the flavor in the chest

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We walk with millions of rhythms

Until tired is never felt

We walk past beautiful scenery

But there is one thing that is felt

That makes us let go of the love story

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Sometimes we feel happy

Sometimes we feel cheerful

But we should not always be together

Will we sit in a sofa?

Will we sit on the grass?

Or will we sit in a separate building?

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Why does not love teach us?

To stop pretending.

Good bye love

Pretending love

Let it go.

       That’s the poem about Good Bye Pretending Love we can share for this occasion. We hope the poem above can be an alternative for us to think positive about what we do and we will do about love in our life. (also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Substansi Genetika) read more