Important Business Meeting

Important Business Meeting

Important Business Meeting

Important Business Meeting

       Once there was a man working at a construction site. His name was Paijo. One day on his way to the work place, he came across a bottle. He popped it open and suddenly there came out a Genie. (Also read : Enraged Blind Man)

“I gotta warn you,” said the Genie “I’m not that powerful as you have done but I’ll try my best.”

“Well” said Paijo, “I’m trying desperately to start a new business and I have a very important meeting tonight with a potential investor, so I need your help.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said the Genie, “and this is the best I can do. I’ll give you a one time good luck charm. To start it say, 123. When you’re done, say 1234.” And with that the Genie was gone in a puff of smoke. (Also read other article at : Brave Hero Adoration of Nation)

Paijo couldn’t believe his good luck. As he nervously tied his tie in front of the mirror, he kept on repeating over in his head 123, 123, 123.

Paijo nervously knocked on the rich man’s office. read more

The Shadow of Dark Death

The Shadow of Death

        The Shadow of Dark Death. “Hasn’t he slept well?”, She asked me about my father who was still awake.

       “He looks he’s never slept. It has been a long time I always hear his voice. Noon up to noon again. It never stops.”

       “Why is he acting like that?”

       “I do not know? Whole event that happened, it seems to be his business”

       “Be sure, he had forgotten something!”

       “What’s that?”


       Mom and I were arguing about my father who was pacing in front of the television. His anxiety used to emanate from the movement he made. Whether it’s the way she folded sarong, or moved his fingers clenching and un-clenching like pumping something. I was worried about it when I was about that. For when I was about blood donor, the nurse at the hospital asked me to clench and open palms, she asked me to do this to make the blood would be flowing smoothly. I was worried my father’s blood would flow through his body even blow his own heart. read more