Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island

Awesome View on Karimunjawa IslandAwesome View on Karimunjawa Island

        Karimunjawa, also known as Karimun Java, is a small archipelago consists of 27 islands. This place is very popular as a tourism destination. Besides having easy access, the object also has lots of attractions to make a memorable vacation for tourists. Most of attractions are related to marine and coastal life. This wonderful archipelago is located on the north of Semarang city, Central Java. (also read : Pindul Cave Yogyakarta)

        The main island of Karimunjawa is Karimun and the second island is Kemujan. The two islands are like twins, just side by side and often mistaken one of another. Karimunjawa name literally means a stone’s throw from Java in Javanese.

        The location of Karimunjawa islands are at the north of Semarang, Central Java. Karimunjawa is a sub district of Jepara district. Karimunjawa islands are about 80 km northwest of Jepara, a small town in Central Java. It can be reached by a ferry boat from Kartini Port in Jepara to Karimunjawa for about 3 hours. It also can be reached by a small plane from small airport called Dewadaru Airport on Kemujan Island. read more