Expressing and Responding Sympathy

Expressing and Responding Sympathy

Expressing and Responding Sympathy

Expressing and Responding Sympathy

       Have a nice meeting again to our beloved visitor, Great Friends. This is another article related to speaking after introducing someone’s self and asking for repetition. (Also read : Asking and Giving Permission)

      When we hear someone being sad or in tears, we usually express our sympathy to him/her. Sympathy expression is used to express our sympathy to his/her grief.

       There are many expressions to show our sympathy to other people.

Some of the examples are shown below.

I am sorry to hear that.

I know how your felling is.

Be patient, It would be Ok soon.

I sympathize about the situation that happened

What an terrible situation for you

I cannot tell you how sorry I am

I’m sad to hear that.

I’m deeply sorry to hear about ….

I feel sorry for you.

That’s  too bad

What a pity of you !

Be patient, it would be better soon

I take my sympathy to you

I sympathize with your condition

I know how is your feeling

It would be OK soon.

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And below are some responses of sympathy.

I do hope so.

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate your sympathy

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your sympathy

Thank you.

That’s very kind of you.

You’re right.

It’s God will, I suppose

It’s very kind of you

I hope so

I would be OK, thank you very much for your support

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Here is the example of dialogue using sympathy expression and its response.

Taty  : Why do you look so sad Rina ?

Rina  : I lost my wallet.

Taty  : I am sorry to hear that.  How can you lost your wallet? When did it happen?

Rina  : I don’t know exactly, But I think when I went to the market.

Taty  : You should contact the police and make an announcement about losing wallet

Rina  : Oke Amy, Thank you so much for your support. I will try it. read more

Abunawas and the Gate guardian

Abunawas and the Gate guardian

Abunawas Story Part 1
Part 1

Abunawas and the Gate guardian        

      My beloved readers, for this occasion I want to post an article entitle “Abunawas and the Gate guardian”

      Who was actually Abunawas? People who were often considered the clown of him, was actually a great scholar and a mystic. Sometimes we misinterpret when we read the stories of Abunawas. We would think of this figure was super cute characters unequaled. Abunawas who was originally a Persian, was born in 750 AD in Ahwaz died in 819 AD in Baghdad. As an adult he wandered into Bashra and Kufa. There he learned Arabic and tightly associate with people of the desert Bedouin. (Also read : Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar)

      Because of her social, he advanced Arabic language and customs and penchant Arabs “, he was also good at poetry and singing. He had returned to his country, but went back to Baghdad with his ​​father, both of them devote themselves to the Sultan Harun Al Rashid King of Baghdad. His father was the ruler of Abunawas Kingdom of Baghdad named Maulana. One day his father’s old Abunawas was seriously ill and eventually died. read more