No Distance of Love

No Distance of Love

No Distance of Love

        Before we share a poem about no distance of love, let’s we talk about love itself. Talking about love is actually mystery. It is one of life’s most enduring mysteries. A question that music, poetry, myth and legend has, for thousands of years, tried but failed to answer. And below is our . . . .

poem entitled “No Distance of Love”.

No Distance of Love

There are many miles between us,

High sturdy wall blocks up us,

However, our hearts have no distance.

As drawing our love even closer,

On this my heart, it is insistent.

As it’s growing to be bigger,

When we talk, my heart sings,

You will never know the happiness it brings.

Just want to hear a word blows from you,

Keeps my heart from being blue.

I love you truly, yes I do.

I forever want to be with you.

For now, I’ll settle for the phone,

However, know it’s in your dreams that I belong

Longing for the day we greet,

Two loving hearts will then get to meet.

Never more to be apart,

Knowing it was long distance we got our start.

After reading the poem entitled “No Distance of Love” above, this gives evidence that love is mystery. Everyone has their own imagine about love. However, Allah through our Prophet Muhammad, SAW has guided us how to love. read more