Expression for Conversation at Airport

Expression for Conversation at Airport

Expression for Conversation at Airport

        After having known about vocabulary words related to the airport and flight (see previous post about Words related to the Airport and Flight), now we want to share some Expression for Conversation at Airport. These common expressions are usually used or heard when we are at the airport for flying to somewhere we go.

Below are some Expression for Conversation at Airport:

The passengers will usually hear some expressions as below when they are at the airport:

  • Ticket please.
  • Your ticket is expired.
  • Your passport is expired.
  • Can I see your tickets?
  • Can I have your ticket?
  • Can I see your passport?
  • May I see your ticket?
  • Do you have an e-ticket?
  • Do you have some photo ID?
  • How many bags are you checking?
  • Did you pack these bags yourself?
  • Do you have a carry-on bag? (a bag or purse to take on the airplane)
  • Do you require special assistance? (example a “wheelchair”)
  • Have you paid your airport improvement fee/tax?
  • Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
  • Your baggage is overweight. (Remove some contents or pay a fine.)
  • Your carry-on luggage is too large.
  • Your flight is delayed. (It’s late.)
  • Your flight has been cancelled. (You must rebook a new flight)
  • Your connecting flight/connection has been cancelled/is delayed.
  • Commands and questions at the Security Checkpoint:
  • Boarding pass, please.
  • ID please. (show your photo ID)
  • Spread your arms out please. (Put your arms up and out to the sides of your body)
  • Take your shoes off.
  • Open your bag.
  • Take off/remove your belt.
  • Do you have any change in your pockets?
  • Do you have any metals?
  • Do you have any food/produce?
  • Do you have any liquids or medicine?
  • Walk through.
  • You must dump all food or beverages. (You can’t bring it through the gates.)

The passengers may need to use the following questions to ask when they are at the airport:

  • Is my flight on time?
  • When should I be at the gate?
  • Where is the boarding gate?
  • Where is the washroom?
  • Can I get a window seat?
  • Is there somewhere to eat?
  • Can I get a coffee at the gate?
  • Is my connection on time?
  • Where do I collect my baggage?
  • Where can I find a taxi?
  • Where is the departure gate?
  • Where is the arrival gate?
  • Where is the check-in desk for ….airlines?
  • Where is the domestics level?
  • Where is the international level?

Example in conversation

Airport official: Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please?

Passenger; Here you are.

Airport official: Thank you. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

Passenger; Non-smoking, please.

Airport official: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

Passenger; An aisle seat, please.

Airport official: Do you have any baggage?

Passenger; Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.

Airport official: Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.

Passenger; Thank you.

        That’s all our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport we can share. We hope that our post about Expression for Conversation at Airport above can be used to improve our English skill, especially when we are having conversation at the airport. (also read : Giving Instruction and Its Response) read more

Words related to the Airport and Flight

Words related to the Airport and Flight

Words related to the Airport and Flight

Words related to the Airport and Flight

        Hi, My readers! Have you ever gone somewhere by plane? If you so, I believe you will be very familiar in some Words related to the Airport and Flight. For this I want to share about some Words related to the Airport and Flight. (also read : Common Words Describe Weather)

Below are some Words related to the Airport and Flight:

  • Cheat sheet is a small piece of paper with answers or hints that you have with you
  • Departures are flights that are leaving this airport
  • Delayed (made to happen later than intended or expected). Maybe it has been delayed because of bad weather, too much air traffic, or technical problems.
  • Arrivals are flights that are landing at this airport
  • E-ticket is a ticket you purchased online and printed from your computer
  • Aisle seat is a seat next to the long walking path on the plane
  • Boarding pass is the ticket you give at the gates (has your seat number)
  • Seat belt is a belt that’s used to fasten you to the seat and keep you secure during the flight. (Also read : Thinking of Feeling)
  • Metals are items such as jewelers, coins, belt buckles, knives, keys
  • Liquids are anything that is not solid or hard or has a watery base such as a bottle of water, perfume or foundation.
  • Expired (no longer useful) = the date has passed
  • Check-in is an activity to show your ticket and ID and hand in your baggage
  • Connection is the point where your plane lands and you must catch another plane
  • Domestic (in the same country as the airport)
  • international (in a different country than the airport)
  • Book (a ticket). When we book a ticket, it means that we have reserved your place and paid for it.
  • Ticket (travel pass) is a printed piece of cardboard or paper showing that the holder is entitled to be traveling on a means of transport.
  • Airline (system of flying) is a system of commercial scheduled flights transporting people and goods, or a company that operates such a system, e.g. Singapore Airlines, Garuda Airways, British Airways. (Also read other article at : Air Mata Di Ujung Malam)
  • Identification (ID). Our ID or our personal identification is our official document that we need to ensure you are who we really are.
  • Passport (identification document) is an official document issued by the government of a country to a citizen that identifies the bearer and gives permission to travel to and from that country.
  • Visa is a special document that gives you permission to enter a country. Some countries have strict laws and depending where you’re from, you may need to obtain (get) a visa.
  • Boarding pass (additional ticket needed by passenger) is: an additional ticket or document that a passenger must have in order to be allowed onto an aircraft or ship
  • Boarding time is the time that people will be allowed to start entering the plane.
  • First class is the most expensive area of the plane. The seats of it are bigger and the service is better.
  • Business class is the area where people who are traveling for business purposes sit. It’s towards the front of the plane and the tickets are more expensive than normal tickets.
  • Economy class is a class of travel, especially on airlines, that is relatively low in price and carries the majority of passengers.
  • Security check is the process when we and our baggage are checked to make sure we are not carrying any prohibited items onto the airplane.
  • Customs is a place where goods and baggage are examined on entering a country to see what duty is payable on them and to check for smuggled goods, such as firearms (guns), drugs or too much money.
  • Fragile = easy broken
  • Gate is the area at an airport or a railroad or bus station where passengers arrive and depart.
  • Long – haul flight is a flight that travels a long distance in one go. For example, a long-haul flight would be flying from Jakarta to Mecca.
  • On time is something runs at the right time. (Also read other article at : Soal Pilihan Ganda tentang Genetika)
  • One-way (ticket) means that we do not want to return to our destination. The opposite of a one-way ticket is a return ticket.
  • Stopover (layover) is a usually brief halt on a journey.
  • Travel agent is a person who will help us to organize our travel plans and book our flights.
  • Direct Flight means that the flight number will not change, but in many cases our flight will indeed stop. We may even need to change planes completely.
  • Nonstop Flight is the continuing flight without a stop. This flight will take us exactly where we want to go, without stopping or causing you to change planes and lose your comfortable position.
  • The cabin is the name for the interior of the aircraft where the passengers sit.
  • read more

    Expression of Conversation at Hotel

    Expression of Conversation at Hotel

    Expression of Conversation at Hotel

            Everywhere we are, we need to communicate, in the airport, bus station, bank, hotel or other place. For this in this occasion we want to share some Expression of Conversation at Hotel. This topic will be divided into three sub topic, they are common expression used by guest, expression used by hotel receptionist and example in conversation. (also read : Expression of Conversation at Restaurant)

    Below is the topic of Expression of Conversation at Hotel:

    Common expression used by guest

    There are many expressions usually used by guests of a hotel, some of them are:

    I’d like a room for ….

    I’d like to make a reservation for ….

    I’ve got a reservation.

    I’ll be staying for ….

    Certainly. Here it is.

    Checking in

    Checking out.

    Common expression used by hotel receptionist

    And there are also many expressions usually used by hotel receptionist of a hotel, some of them are:

    May I help you?

    Do you have a reservation?

    we have several rooms available

    How long will you be staying?

    Please fill your name in this register

    We need you to fill in this form please

    May I see your ID, please, Mr. …? read more