Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months

Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months

Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months

        After sharing article about Name of days and months in English and Indonesian in the previous post, now we want to continue sharing about days in the week and months in the year. It is about Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months.

        In this topic about Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months, we want to share about the name of days and months with their abbreviations. So we are going to discuss about the name of the days with their abbreviations and the name of the months with their abbreviations. (also read : Name of days and months in English Indonesian)

        By the way, the abbreviation of days and months are actually mostly used in writing skill, however we categorize this in reading category. We hope you don’t mind about this. And for complete discussion let’s go to the information below.

Topic of Name and Abbreviation of Days and Months are:

Name of the days with their abbreviations.

Below are 7 (seven) days in the week and their abbreviations which can be used as an alternative in writing or other purposes. They are shown below:

No. Day in the Week Abbreviation















Tues., Tue., or Tu.


Thurs., Thur., or Thu.





Name of the months with their abbreviations.

Whereas in the year there are 12 (twelve) months and each of them can be written their abbreviations as shown below: read more

Abbreviation in Daily Life


Abbreviation in Daily Life

Abbreviation in Daily Life

       Some shortened form of a word or phrase is an abbreviation. However, it can be used as Acronyms when it can be pronounced as a single word. In other words, shortened forms are abbreviations some of which are acronyms. In this posting, I will not explain about the differences between abbreviations and acronyms. (Also read : Generic structure of Review Text)

        I just want to share about some abbreviations in which we commonly find them in our daily life. Now, let’s go to the information about Abbreviation in Daily Life often we find:

Abbreviation of Profession and title

  • Mr. = Mister
  • Mrs. = Mistress
  • Ms. = Miss
  • Dr. = Doctor
  • Jr. = Junior
  • Sr. = Senior
  • Capt. = Captain
  • Comdr. = Commander
  • Col. = Colonel
  • Gen. = General
  • Hon. = the Honorable
  • Lt. = Lieutenant
  • Rev. = the Reverend

Other common abbreviations include:

Months of the Year

  • Jan. = January
  • Feb. = February
  • Mar. = March
  • Apr. = April
  • Jun. = June
  • Jul. = July
  • Aug. = August
  • Sept. = September
  • Oct. = October
  • Nov. = November
  • Dec. = December

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Days of the Week

  • Mon. = Monday
  • Tues. = Tuesday
  • Wed. = Wednesday
  • thurs. = Thursday
  • Fri. = Friday
  • Sat. = Saturday
  • Sun. = Sunday

Types of Measurement

  • MPH = Miles per hour
  • RPM = Revolutions per minute
  • Btu = British thermal units
  • F = Fahrenheit
  • C = Celsius

Weight and Volume

  • gal. = gallon
  • lp. = pound
  • oz. = ounce
  • pt .= pint
  • qt.= quart
  • wt. = weight
  • vol. = volume


  • hr. = hour
  • min = minute
  • sec = second

Length = US / UK

  • in. = inch
  • ft. = foot
  • mi = mile
  • yd. = yard

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Measures in Metrics

  • kg = kilogram
  • km = kilometer
  • m = meter
  • mg = milligram
  • mm = millimeter


  • N = North
  • S = South
  • E = East
  • W = West
  • NE = Northeast
  • NW = Northwest
  • SE = Southeast
  • SW = Southwest

Important Institutions

  • BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation
  • EU = European Union
  • IRS = Internal Revenue Service
  • NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • UNICEF = United Nations Children’s Fund
  • WHO = World Health Organization
  • ILO = International Labor Organization

SMS, Texting, Chat

Many abbreviations are used online and in our daily lives with smart phones, chat rooms, etc. Here are a few, but you can follow the next for a complete list in alphabetical order in other discussion of my posts. read more