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Sunshine Garnish Whole Sky

Sunshine Garnish Whole Sky

Sunshine Garnish Whole Sky

Sunshine Garnish Whole Sky


You’re like my animator

You always welcome me every morning

With your bright sunshine

For my new day

You garnish the whole sky

With your color

So that’s all

Interested in you

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The rays you radiate

Make this heart feel like to have you

To enjoy your light

Every time I wake up from my sleep

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When you come

Birds are singing

As if what they want

Become reality

You dance in the sky

Dance beautifully

Accompanied by rhythm

Babbling animals and humans

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Between the blue sky

You came with your light

So that the sky was mesmerized

See your privileges

      That’s all the poem about Sunshine Garnish Whole Sky that we can share to all our beloved readers. We hope that the poem about Sunshine Garnishes Whole Sky above can be used as our reflection. (Also read other poem in Indonesian version at : Latihan Soal Online Active and Passive Voice)

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