Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum

Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum

Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum

      It is not wrong if Yogyakarta is very famous not only as the city of tourism but also the city of education. As the city of tourism can be given some evidence there are many recreation places in Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, as the city of education can be shown there are many places for studying. One of them that we want to share is Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum. Yeah, in this place we can visit for having recreation and studying art, especially how to make batik. And be sure that Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum is very enjoyable.

      Yogyakarta Batik Museum is initiated by private institution and declared on 12 May 1977 by Educational and Cultural Department of Yogyakarta Special Region. (also read : Green Village Gedangsari Yogyakarta)

      Yogyakarta Batik Museum is located in sub-district of Danurejan. It is exactly located at Jln. Dr. Soetomo Yogyakarta. When we want to this museum you don’t need to be doubt because the route to the museum is quite simple. You can take Transjogja bus line 2A and 2B and then stop at Kridosono shelter at the front of SMP N5 Yogyakarta. Start from there, you can take a pedicab. You can also take pedicab or walk to the south from Lempuyangan train station.

      Batik displayed in Yogyakarta Batik museum is not just batik from Yogyakarta, but there are also batik from Solo, Pekalongan, Banyumas, and Klaten. The oldest collection was created in 1840, and the most famous collection in this museum is Panjang Soga Jawa fabric (1950-1960), Isen-isen sarong (1880-1890) made by EV. Zeuylen from Pekalongan, and Soga Lengan Panjang sarong (1920-1930) made by Lie djing Kiem from Yogyakarta. The embroidery collections were made by the owner of the museum. The embroidery is drawn the pictures of some Indonesian figures, such as; Sukarno, Suharto, Megawati, Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX, Diponegoro, and many others.

      Today, Yogyakarta Batik Museum collects more than 1.200 Batik; 500 sheets of hand-write Batik, 560 printed Batik, 124 canting, 35 pot and ink including candles. When visiting to Study of Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum, you can learn how to process Batik, learn about tools and materials used, and Batik patterns’ symbolisms. You can try to make batik if you are interested to learn how to make batik in this museum.

      Many appreciations were awarded to Batik Museum for the first Batik museum ever exist in Yogyakarta. This museum was awarded by MURI (Indonesian’s Record Museum). The first award was for The Biggest Embroidery Batik in large of 90 × 400 meter square in 2000. In 2001, the museum was also awarded by MURI for The Pioneer of Embroidery Museum in Indonesia.

      The entrance ticket for the museum is Rp.  20.000 / person, but if you want to learn to make batik, you have to pay Rp. 40.000/hour. This museum is open from Monday – Saturday form 09.00 o’clock in the morning up to 15.00 in the afternoon.

      That’s all our post about the place to Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum we can share in this occasion. Let’s Enjoy and Study Art in Yogyakarta Batik Museum. (visit other article in Indonesian at : Susunan Pemerintahan Indonesia dari Pusat Sampai Desa)

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