Story of Javanese Letters

Story of Javanese Letters

Story of Javanese Letters
Ajisaka Part 2

Story of Javanese Letters 

      One day when Ajisaka and Dora worked in the rice field, they talked to villagers about the village.

       “It is really a nice village. I liked to live here. The scenery is very interesting, the air is very fresh and, the villagers are so friendly,” Ajisaka said to one of the villagers.  

       “Yes, it is. But, the villagers always feel afraid and worried about the condition of this village. The people are not in peace anymore,” replied the villagers. (Also read : The Legend of Sarangan Lake)

       “Why do they feel afraid?” asked Ajisaka. 

       “Well, the King of Medhang is very cruel,” answered Nyai Sengkeran.

       “Really, what is his name? And what he had done to the villagers so they are so afraid?” asked Ajisaka. 

       “He is King Dewata Cengkar. He always asks for the villager to be his meal. It is very scary. We are always worried to wait when it is our turn to be his meal,” said the villager sadly. 

       “He’s really a cruel King, this is terrible,” said Ajisaka. 

     Then Ajisaka wanted to meet and knew the King Dewata Cengkar. 

       “I want to meet King Dewata Cengkar and become his follower,” said Ajisaka. 

       The villagers and Nyai Sengkeran warned Ajisaka that what he wanted to do was really a dangerous thing. However Ajisaka still wanted to do his plan. He wanted to be close to Dewata Cengkar, and some day he would beat the King, so the villagers didn’t feel afraid anymore. (Also read other article at : Morning Before Going)

       One day, several guardians of the Medhang Kingdom visited Sengkeran village. The villagers felt so afraid. If the commanders visited the village, it meant that there would be one of the villager who became Prabu Dewata Cengkar’s meal. Ajisaka comforted the villagers. He instructed the villagers to stay at Nyai Sengkeran’s house. 

       When the guardians saw Ajisaka, they arrested Ajisaka. 

       They wanted to bring Ajisaka to the palace and became Prabu Dewata Cengkar’s meal. 

       And then Ajisaka was brought to the palace. All of the villagers felt sad. But, Dora comforted them not to be sad. He said that the villagers no need to be worried, because Ajisaka was a strong man and had a great supernatural power. 

       Prabu Dewata Cengkar was a giant. His body was huge and scary. His face was ugly. But Ajisaka didn’t feel afraid of him. When Prabu Dewata Cengkar asked Ajisaka to be his meal, Ajisaka proposed a requirement. 

       “Before you eat me, can I ask one thing?” asked Ajisaka. 

       “What do you want? I want to eat you soon. Just say it right now!!!” scolded Dewata Cengkar. His voice was like a thunder. 

      “I just want to ask a piece of land as wide as my turban!!” Ajisaka showed his turban. 

       Dewata Cengkar laughed and agreed with Ajisaka’s requirement. Ajisaka asked Dewata Cengkar did what Ajisaka’s said. 

       But, there was a miracle thing. When the turban was pulled, it seemed longer and longer. Prabu Dewata Cengkar kept going back to pull Ajisaka’s turban. Miraculously, Ajisaka’s turban was getting longer and longer. Prabu Dewata Cengkar finally arrived on the edge of south sea which was really sheer, Ajisaka pulled out the turban until Prabu Dewata Cengkar fell into the sea. After that, Dewata Cengkar transformed himself into a white crocodile. (Also read other article at : Rumus Pola Bilangan Bujur Sangkar)

       After a battle between Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar getting end, which finally was won by Ajisaka, the citizen of Medang Kingdom felt secure from fear. They admired Ajisaka as their hero, Ajisaka event was crowned as the new King of Medhang Kingdom. 

       Unfortunately, he had no weapon. As a King, he must have a weapon. He remembered about the dagger in Majeti Island. Ajisaka instructed Dora to take the dagger. Dora obeyed what Ajisaka instructed. 

       And then Dora went to Majeti Island. At Majeti Island Dora met Sembada and told what Ajisaka was said. Dora asked for the dagger. But Sembada refused it. Sembada also said that Ajisaka told him not to give the dagger to anyone except Ajisaka himself. That’s why Sembada refused to give the dagger to Dora.

       They argued their opinion. Both of them actually was right, because both were carried on what their leader said. Finally, they fought to defend their opinion. Both of them was powerful. They killed each other. Then both of them were dead. 

       Meanwhile, Ajisaka felt that there was something happened. And it was a bad instinct. He finally went to Majeti Island to see what happened. He was so shocked when he saw both of his followers were dead. He regretted what happened. To give an honour to Dora and Sembada, he carved Javanese letters in a stone. 

       The letters are : 

ha  na  ca  ra  ka   da  ta  sa  wa  la  pa  dha  ja  ya  nya  ma  ga  ba  tha  nga.

ha  na  ca  ra  ka             : There were two messengers. 

da  ta  sa  wa  la              : They fought 

pa  dha  ja  ya  nya          : Both of them were strong 

ma  ga  ba  tha  nga        : They were dead

The End of Story of Javanese Letters

That’s all the story of  Story of Javanese Letters we can share. We hope the story of Story of Javanese Letters can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal Penilaian Akhir Tahun Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8)

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