Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar

Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar

Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar

Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar

      Once upon a time in Java Island there was a peaceful kingdom named Medhang Kamulan. The kingdom was led by King Dewata Cengkar, a king with good virtues and full of wisdom. (Also read : THE LEGEND OF TWIN MASKS DANCE)

        One day, unintentionally the kingdom chef was cut his finger when he cooked the dish for the king. He didn’t realize that his finger was in the dish that served for the king. Unintentionally, the king ate the dish. He was wonder that this was unusual, he felt that the meat was very delicious.

        “How delicious this meat is. It is unusual.” He said.

        And then he sent his prime minister to ask what kind of meat he was just eating.

       “What meat do you cook?” asked the prime minister to the chef.

       The chef said: “I’m so sorry. The meat is from my finger.”

        After the prime minister told what had happened to the chef and the meat, the king thought that human meat was very delicious. Then he ordered his prime minister to prepare one of the citizen to be eaten every day. Since that day, King Dewata Cengkar had a new habit to eat human meat. His personality became villainous, and he was eager to see other people suffer. (Also read other article at : Special Silent Night)

        The Kingdom became less crowded because the people was eaten by the king one by one, and many people ran away from the kingdom to save themselves. The prime minister was frustrated because there was less and less people to be served to the hideous king. The people of this kingdom diminished.  The people were restless but they did not dare to rebel because the king was very cruel and his army was very strong.

       Meanwhile in another place, there was a young man named Ajisaka. He has magical power. He had two followers, Dora and Sembada. They sailed from their country, Hindustan. They used sailing boat and went south. Ajisaka had heard a beautiful island named Java Island. Jawa Island was a rich island. He was so interested with this island. 

       Unfortunately, the weather was bad. There was also a storm and their boat was crashed. After a few months was floating in the sea, their boat was finally canst on the strange island. (Also read other article at : Definisi dan Contoh Proper Noun)

       “There is no people in this island, it was so quiet, but it is a nicely island” said Ajisaka. 

        “What is the name of the island, master?” asked Dora. 

    “Well, I don’t know what the name of island is. We haven’t meet someone yet. So we can’t asked about the name of this island,” replied Ajisaka. 

     “Why don’t we give a name of this island, master?” Sembada gave advice. 

       “Yes, I will give name for this island, the name is Majeti island,” said Ajisaka.

     They took some relax and repaired the crashed boat, when the boat was ready, they went away. But, unfortunately Sembada was sick, so he was left alone in the island. 

      When they started their journey, Ajisaka told something to Sembada, without Dora’s knowing, Ajisaka give him magic dagger. 

       “Sembada, please bring this dagger to protect yourself. When I arrived in Jawa Dwipa, I will be back here to pick you up. Remember, don’t give this dagger to anybody, except me,” said Ajisaka. 

        “Yes, master. I will remember that,” replied Sembada. 

        After that, Ajisaka and Dora left Majeti Island. The boat dock to Jawa Dwipa Island. After got off from the island, Ajisaka and Dora visited a house, owned by an old widow.

        “What is the name of this village, Nyai ?” asked Ajisaka.

       “It is Sengkeran village,” said the old widow. 

       “And the country?” asked Ajisaka again. 

       “Medhang!” said her. 

      The woman was called as Nyai Sengkeran by Ajisaka. Nyai Sengkeran felt happy with Ajisaka and Dora’s coming. She lived alone. She regarded the two men as his own son. (Also read other article at : Contoh Soal Auxiliary Modal Will)

        Ajisaka helped Nyai Sengkeran worked in her rice field. Ajisaka was a good and well-mannered the man. All of the villagers liked him. 

       This is the end Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar we can share, but you can read the next part Story of Ajisaka and Dewata Cengkar by reading story entitled “Story of Javanese Letters”. 

To be continued

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