Srau Beach Pacitan

Srau BEach Pacitan

        Srau Beach Pacitan. As we know that Indonesia has a lot of recreation places can be recreation destination places for tourists to get refreshing. And one recreation destination place will be shared in this article. This destination place is Srau Beach. This beach is one of many beaches in Pacitan.

        Srau Beach is located about 25 km western from the city of Pacitan. It is precisely located in the area of Candi village, Pringkuku District, Pacitan regency, East Java, Indonesia. To get the beach from the city of Pacitan is not difficult because It is reachable to go there by public transportation or personal vehicle. We will need about 30 minutes to get the beach from the city.

        Along the way to Srau beach will pass through the edge of the green and leafy forests, it is far from human crowded. Srau beach is a beach that is rarely visited and somewhat still a virgin beach. Therefore, beautiful panorama is completely natural. There are high cliffs and beach typical of many wild plants that they still look lush and natural.

        The first time arriving to Srau beach after paying for entrance ticket for visitor, we are greeted by the incoming waves is accompanied by a large rock protruding from the middle of the beach. It is very natural. It is the first part of the coast. Srau beach itself is divided into three parts of the beaches surrounded by coral reef.

        The first part of the Srau beach is located closest to the location of the checkpoint entry into Srau beach. At the first location, the most prominent and unique compared to the other locations. The rocks are sticking out and a lot of hills forming around the shoreline. This location has very clear waters with the dominant of blue color. It means that there is not a lot of algae and its depth is quite terrible. The condition the area is sandy and it is not rocky, and the waves were quite fierce, and it is often not very high.

        The second part of the beach is located approximately 100 meters from the first beach. Panorama second beach is almost the same as the first beach. However, the second part of the beach is a favorite location for visitors or tourists as well as young people or family who want to have a chat by lying or sitting together. At the second location is reserved seating made of concrete in which the position of the seats is on the beach front. In this location, we can also meet the drink and food sellers who walk around the beach, so by chatting on the seat, visitors can buy something for drinking or eating without going to the stalls. Although the conditions at both locations have the calm waves, but they are still dangerous so the visitors must still be careful. The second part of the beach is often used as the location of surfing, not only by locals, but also by foreign tourists.

        The third part of the beach is the best and most favorite location of tourists who love the beauty of the sunset. This is located to the west of the second part of the beach or located on the most western part of Srau beach. The beach is very clean, the water is blue with big waves, the shore with a couple of palm trees that grow wild. And there is a kind of bridge from the hill that makes us free to see the sea from the top so the sea looks like a lake. To enjoy these sights, we must rise to the hill first. Following up on the hill then we could see the sea water is so blue accompanied by the pounding of the water gathering resembled a small lake. We can run around the hill which also emblazoned by black coral. Coupled breeze blue sea make the beach more fabulous

        The third part of the beach itself is not very interesting because it is a small bay directly facing the Indian Ocean, with a sandy beach and surf conditions are relatively small but quite deep waters. Between the second and third part, there is a place known only to a few people, mainly by fishermen who sometimes visit this place. beach with a pretty location difficult to reach because it is a part of beach surrounded by hills, so to achieve this we had to ride down the hill first.

        Overall, the panorama of Srau beach is very complete beautiful. With its natural beauty and make us chuckle admiringly ranging from large waves, the sea is very blue, the breeze, the hills that resemble the peninsula, the exotic black coral, and sea that make up the lake. Stunning scenery like heaven on earth that we can meet in Indonesia.

        Its beautiful scenery is also equipped with facility of rushing for visitors. Along the beach, there are lots of colorful stones which glow their color. Natural fishing while enjoying the large sea. The coconut leaves are great and the visitors feel the coolness of sea wind around it. So, please come and enjoy Srau beach in Pacitan.

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