Speech about Avoid Using Drugs

Speech about Avoid Using Drugs

Speech about Avoid Using Drugs

      When we want to be able to have skill to speech, one of ways to have this is by doing exercising to do speech, of course we have to prepare our topic of what we want to say. For helping you who want to practice, we will share one topic about the material we want to say. It is about Speech about Avoid Using Drugs. (Also read : Common Expression Used in Giving Direction)

Let’s go to the topic of Speech about Avoid Using Drugs:

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb
Peace for us all
         First of all , let us praise pray that Allah SWT has bestowed His favor so that we can gather here.
       To Mr / Ms appraiser teacher honored practice exams . I’m proud of the participants . On this day I will deliver a speech about drugs .
            As we all know , that in Indonesia the number of drug users is so large , due to weak enforcement of international dealers in Indonesia can cooperate with Indonesian citizens and gain huge profits . Narcotics Abuse and other additives that would impact a broad and complex . As a result , among others, changes in behavior , health problems , decreased work productivity drastically , crime and other violence . (Also read other article at : Revolution of Leader)
           Drug abuse can be prevented through such programs follow social activities , do not hang out with drug users or dealers , not easily influenced solicitation or seduction to use drugs . Drug users are usually dominated by the youth and school children .
        For that let us avoid and stay away from as well as participate eradicate drug use . Such is the speech that I can say if there is an error in speech, I apologize . For the attention I thank you and I end .
Wassalamu’alaikum WrWb

      That’s all the speech example about Speech about Avoid Using Drugs we can share for this occasion. We hope the example of Speech about Avoid Using Drugs above can help us to have skill in speech. (Also read other speech in Indonesian version at : Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang Berbakti pada Orang Tua)

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