Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage

Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage

Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage

Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage

      We know that Yogyakarta is well-known as historical and cultural city because it has many museums to visit. Visiting museums is one way to know the history of some nations that sometimes is forgotten. One of them is Sonobudoyo Museum. This museum is the second most complete museum of arts and cultures in Indonesia, after Jakarta National Museum.

      Sonobudoyo museum is a state museum under Culture Department which functions to administer, maintain, and preserve museum’s collections which have science cultural value, including the collection development and cultural educative guidance. Different with other museum which has specific type of collections, Sonobudoyo Museum has 10 types of collections which can be categorized as; Geology, Archaeology, Biology, Ethnography, History, Numismatics, Philology, Keramologika, Fine arts, and Technology. (Also read : Awesome View on Karimunjawa Island)

      There are some facilities provided in this museum. First is pavilion, used to receive guests in great numbers. There are two set of gamelan exhibited in this room, namely Gamelan Kyai Mega Mendung and Gamelan Kyai and Nyai Ririrs Manis. Second facility is an auditorium, used to hold some events, such as seminar, discussion, workshop, etc. The third facility is conservation laboratory. The last facility is library that is accessible for public.

Location of Sonobudoyo museum

      Sonobudoyo museum is divided into two units separately. The first unit is located at Trikora Street No. 6, in the north side of Northern Square. The second unit is located at Condrokiranan Wijilan. The collections stored in Sonobudoyo Museum Unit I are Ethnography, Archaeology, Numismatic, Keramologika, and Philology. Meanwhile, the rest types of collections are stored in Sonobudoyo Museum Unit II. Because of this location, so we think that it is very easy to get this museum. (Also read other article at : Teacher Unmentioned Hero)

      What can we See in Sonobudoyo museum? Of course there are many cultural heritages we can see in this museum. For the tourists who are interested in weapons or curious with Indonesian traditional daggers, Sonobudoyo Museum is the right place to visit. This museum stores about 1,200 Kris (Indonesian traditional dagger). When entering the collection room, you will find wesi Budha (an iron), the material used to make Kris in 700’s AD or around the age of Mataram Hindus civilization. There are also some weapons and some crafts of that age. Entering the room further, you will find the collections of Kris. The Kris styles are stored in the form of straight or luk (curvy) Kris, Kris with 7 luk, Kris 11 luk, and Kris 13 luk. There are also Mandau (traditional sword from Borneo), Kris from Sulawesi, Madura, Bali, and Aceh (Rencong). In this museum, you can also find collections of Batik with various motifs. (Also read other article at in Indonesian version at : Soal Materi Iman Kepada Hari Akhir)

      Besides Kris and Batik, other collections which belong to this museum are historical relics from the prehistoric period until the Islamic period. Those collections include stone axe, terracotta, masks, books, and manuscripts related to culture. The famous mask kept in this museum is Puspasarira mask made of gold and believed as the manifestation of Princess Gayatri.

      We think that’s all the brief information about Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage we can share for this occasion. Hopefully the post of Sonobudoyo Museum Place of Cultural Heritage in Yogyakarta above can be a good information for us and let’s try to visit and enjoy the cultural heritages place in Sonobudoyo Museum. (Also read other article in Indonesian version at : Fungsi dan Ciri Kebahasaan Advertisement Text)

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