Smart Beautiful Lady Trick

Smart Beautiful Lady Trick

Smart Beautiful Lady Trick

Smart Beautiful Lady Trick

       Once upon a time there was a smart lady. She was the wife of a merchant. She was also very beautiful. She loved her wife very much so he waited him when her husband was away.

       One day she heard that her husband was cast into prison because of a quarrel he had been had. She thought hard how to get her husband out of the prison. She had a trick. (Also read : Sawunggaling Warrior of Surabaya)

       The lady clad herself in the most beautiful clothes and went to the Wali (magistrate). She brought a paper to testify against the imprisonment of her “brother”. When the wali saw the lady, he immediately fell in love with her. He would let him go if she came to his house, but she invited him her house. He accepted. Then she went to the Kazi telling of a Wali who had imprisoned her brother. The Kazi fell in love with her and promised her to let him go. She also invited him to come her house. Then she went to the Wazir asking for the release of her brother. The Wazir wanted to have his will on her and he was also invited to her house.  Finally she went to the King of the city. After telling her story he was pierced with the arrows of love. He invited her to his palace, but she said he would do much more honour entering her house.

       The lady then went to a carpenter to ask him to make a cabinet with five compartments, each with a door for locking up. Next she let four gowns be dyed and prepared food and drink. (Also read other article at : Father Everything for Me)

       The Kazi came first to her house and he was put on one of the gowns. After a while there was a tapping on the door and the lady said it was her husband and took the Kazi to the lowest compartment to hide him. When she opened the doors there was the Wali. She asked him to write a letter to free her ‘brother’ from the gaol which he did. He was asked to put on the second gown. Then there was another tapping on the door and again she said it was her husband. The Wali was put into the second compartment. When she opened the door it was the Wazir, they played a bit with each other and he was given the third gown.

       Then there was another knock on the door. She put the Wazir in the third compartment and opened the door. The King had arrived and after some talk desired her. His rich robes were exchanged for the fourth gown. But another knocking was at the door. She again said it was her husband and locked the King up in the fourth compartment. The carpenter entered her house. She told him the top compartment was too strait. The carpenter disagreed and to prove himself went into the fifth compartment, upon which she closed it.  (Also read other article at : Perundingan Konferensi Meja Bundar)

       Then the lady went to the treasurer with the letter the Wali wrote to release her lover. They both leave the city.

       Meanwhile the five Suitors in the cabinet had stayed within for three days wthout food or drink. They could not hold their water and urinated over each other. When they complained they knew who the others were in the cabinet, except for the King, because he remained silent. Then the neighbours broke into the house to see what was going on in the house. When they saw the cabinet with the voices coming out they feared there was a Jinni inside it and wanted to set the thing on fire. But the Kazi screamed not to. They were released and shown in the attires the lady prepared for them.

The END story of Smart Beautiful Lady Trick

       That’s all the story of Smart Beautiful Lady Trick we can share for this occasion. The story of Smart Beautiful Lady Trick was adapted from The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night entitled The Lady and Five Suitors — by Burton. We hope the story about Smart Beautiful Lady Trick above can amuse us. (Also read other article at : Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP)

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